“Kentiba” (Mayor) Barack Obama?

By the way folks were behaving in taxis and offices here in Addis, you’d think Barack Obama was running for Mayor of Region 14 on the upcoming by-election, instead of becoming a presidential nominee for the land of the free & country of the obese (not my word). People have been threatening to put a sad end to my existence for saying I would rather have Clinton as a president. Because, I explained, I’ve read somewhere that most blacks weren’t taken-in by him and even if he was elected president, he’s sure to be assiacinated. Their response: typical Ethiopian! (which commits all types of fallacies in the book and totally ignores there ever was a reason given). I.e. that i was ashamed of my race and gender! And the muttered threats i mentioned above.

Infact, if the 26th African Cup of Nations hasn’t put water to the ‘Obama-fever’, I doubt yours truly would have been alive and typing even as we speak. But it did! And nobody seems to mention the ole feller anymore. I ofcourse didn’t dare ask what became of the broza, for obvious reasons!! (I like my neck the way it is, good & unbroken). But I guess I should be thankful to our nation’s indiscriminant football “fever” for once. (Have always hated football, long before I lost some of my good “solid” friends to it. Back when I was but a young girl always going to bed crying because somebody at ETV decided to cancel “Talaq Film” in favor of it). There must be some grain of truth to what they say. That even a broken clock is right twice a day!

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