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Would an Oromo King/Ruler have done better?

First of, I consider myself an Ethiopian, although my head is no longer in the clouds about what the name represents (and been made to represent) after reading, among others, “Oromiya: Yetedebekew YeGif Tarik” and “YeBurqa Zimta”. Not that the racism against Oromos (and the rest of non-amhara Ethiopia) was a news to me. Grew up being abused for being “wolamo” because my father taught among, and knew the language of, the people of Wolaita. Not to mention the bitter memory of seeing my cousins (born from Oromo fathers) tip-toeing to where the teacher sat to whisper their grandfather’s name. Which is why i grew up despising the word “amhara”, even if my father’s father is a “Moja” & “proud Amahra” (so they say) from Shewa. I have an Oromo blood too, like almost every other Ethiopian I know, through my mother’s grandmother; who left home (Homa, Wellega) when young, came, and brought up her children (and grand children) in Addis Ababa. Still, i consider myself Ethiopian because i do not see the word “Ethiopia” as representing neither amhara nor Tigray. And, more importantly, because I have choosen long ago never to judge a philosophy by it’s abuses. (For we all agree “Ethiopianism” is a philosophy and a noble one at that).

Anywho, I joined the group not only because I want to know what it means being a Non-Ethiopian Oromo, but also to post a question, i.e. Do you think an Oromo King would have done better?

I want you to take your time and ponder over this question. It’s true that Oromiya’s children have suffered, just the way the rest of Ethiopia suffered, under the rules of it’s “Abyssinian” leaders. And because Oromos were bigger in number and Proud-er, the atrocity may have looked targated against them (us). However, don’t you think the answer is less complicated and more universal than what we are trying to make it here?. That, rulers kill those who opposed them and refuse to bow for them, period? Especially if they have been obsessed with the concept of “unity at any cost” like our kings and heads of states have been and lately are?. Do you think an Oromo king would have let his opposition roam free and hesitate before killing all those who refuse to come together under his “wing”? Unity, if you haven’t noticed, is what every leader starts preaching when he comes to power even if (in TPLF’s case, for example) “unity” was the last thing in it’s mind before assuming power! Unity Sells, that’s the way i see it, when you are on top. It was the Amhara’s who wanted unity at the time of Dergue (and Haileselassie I), it’s the Tigres (once considered ethnicist) that are preaching Unity these days. If, Insh Allah, a leader from the loins of an Oromo father came to power: do you really think he’d hesitate from trying to sell us (and killing if refused) this very product that was used as an excuse & justification for all the injustice done to children of Oromo, and the rest of non-Amhara Ethiopia?

At the risk of sounding sentimental & you-know-women, I consider you guys my brothers and sisters (whether oromo or Ethiopian) more close to me than I consider non-Ethiopian africans. Because, I have been through what you been through and we are men-in-arms, if nothing else. I think that’s what matters, in the end. Who you can identify with, rather than what type of blood (if such differentiation is possible) they got running in their viens and cappilaries (check spelling) :-).


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