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It’s all in the “kuul” babe

My uncle, not my deserving uncle, the other one; used to be a chess-game addict in high school (it’s a wonder where he got the time to play, what with everything he was into: vollyeball, women, etc). And he used to tell us how, when walking on the street, he’s always trying to figure out which person he should “move” to “win” which person; assingning a piece to each according to their manner of appearance (I imagine ;-)).


To my mathematics teacher of 7th grade, a car constitutes of only one part: a plate number [that is] he can add & subtract from on the way to & from school. To my ex-painter “nutcase” colleague in the communication department, life is all about paintings! All the projects she ever came up with, all the children competitions she prepares, all the brochures she makes & pictures she takes are painting-related. It’s as if she feels all it takes to solve Ethiopia’s children’s problem is, you know, painting it out. Sort of like that princess, what was her name? The one that asked why the French farmer won’t eat “cake” if he is so hungry? The bible has a word for this tendency of mortals: “wherever your treasure is, there your heart would be”.


My treasure, as my many lame attempts on a number of blogs prove, has always been with writing. Even when I couldn’t come up with a decent line, i lie on my back and feverishly dream of the day in which I would give interviews about the kind of childhood I had that resulted in… such.. a work of art [Starting with those I’m “grateful to”, ofcourse :-)].

Now, after taking my inspiration from Arefe (of who goes ahead and posts what he read on the internet if not inspired to write his own, and led by a request from a friend to post articles about Addis if I wanted his following; I’ve started looking out into the world through the “writer’s” eye. Always trying to figure out what sort of posts I can come up with from a given situation (like that incident on 1st floor earlier, for example, one that had to do with a boy & a pail of water .. No kidding!! .. that inspired a five line story entitled: “Yederejaw lay Tebel” – The Holywater from the stairs) and the sorts of words that could best describe it.


Oh well, I guess there was something to that Ethiopian proverb about eyes after all: how your vision (peception/whathaveu) is only as good as the eye-liner you put in it!!

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