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Do they only pull over Jews?

Blen, my little sister who goes by the fascinating nick name cursed_earth_pizza over by, believes I’m a little too obsessed with the “jew question”. A question, both she and I agree, I have no business meddling with. But ever since I found out most of my favorite actors, and almost all my favorite comedians (Billy Crystall, Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Kevin Kline and Sacha Baron Cohen i.e. “Borat”) were jews, I’ve been wondering if there isn’t a “jew–conspiracy” in Hollywood to promote only jew actors/directors/scripts with either Hollocust or “affirmative action” themes.

It’s not like academy award results won’t bear me out. Two of last three year’s Best Director Award winners (for: “The Departed” & “No Country for Old men”) were Jews. I know what the argument would be. That jews have an evolved intelligence due to their centuries of presecution, etc., in short that they are smarter than the rest of human kind! OR if anybody does something good, the immigrant does it better!

But I think the answer is probably very much what an angry black girl replied in answer to a bigot’s accusation that statistics show 6 out of 10 black man are involved in crime. This was on Queen Latifah show, and the subject under discussion was Racial Violence Statistics. So this girl argued that since cops are more likely to pull over black & mixed race guys instead of whites, blacks & mixed race men are more likely to be found in possesion of drugs/armaments/etc than whites. So I wonder if, in Hollywood, they don’t only pull over jews!

Maybe. Maybe not! I mean, what do i know? I live at the other end of the globe, and *my* statistics are taken from an anti-semetic hate site. And those guys won’t leave my behind alone if i were in america, celebrity or not. I’m well aware of that fact!

Still, next time a stinking movie gets a seemingly unfair publicity (like “Bee movie”, for example) or a mouse-faced actress like Scarlett Johansson appears to be in every movie coming out, go to wikipedia and check out the director/actor’s profile. He just might be a jew :-)!

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