Teddy Afro, [already] a bully?

March 24, 2008 at 5:32 am 41 comments


I’m not a huge fan of commotion. I’m more of a turning-back-on-and-leaving-place-with-sturdy-feet kindda girl. Which is why you won’t find me around when disaster strikes. Whether a car accident, a fire accident, or pick-pocket accident (although, in the first two incidents I may call 991 before hitting the exit button), I cover my bag with my hand and head for the horizon.

It’s not like I do not enjoy witnessing disaster as well as the next person. I do! But I would rather do it from a safe distance, where no harm could befall on my person. What can I say? I’m selfish. And it comes with a price. Because of my fear of standing-by as a witness for disaster, I’ve missed out on most of the huge happenings Addis sponsored in my adult life:  the long anticipated & graceless entrance of EPRDF’s soldiers in Addis in 1987, all “great Ethiopian run”s and, regrettable of all, the new year eve celebration at the turn of the millennium! It’s lucky that I ain’t planning on having kids and living long enough to tell what the millennium was like to their children. I’d have been one old woman who lies out of her ass.

This is why it’s my firm belief that if I heard somebody screaming “Look! The Kingdom of Heaven!”, I’d go back to sleep grumbling how some of us has to go to work in the morning. Needless to say, therefore, the fate of a falling star (human or a ‘small solid body known as a meteoroid that enters a planet’s atmosphere from outer space and is raised to incandescence by the friction resulting from its rapid motion.’) would be the same. I don’t like seeing disaster because I don’t get a kick out of seeing people suffer, in any form. Must have something to do with my childhood, and the traumas in it. Always from bullies, young and old. On things I had no control over.

Now, I like Teddy Afro. Always have. That doesn’t mean I like everything about him. I don’t like his artificial, and rather patronizing.. for me atleast.. “Oh I’m too sweet and shy” smile (which has started reminding me of another celebrity whose smile I intensely dislike – Rachel Ray). I don’t find his ears adorable. And I get furious every time I heard his “Single Black Male” adverts.

But I like him. For the same reason, I think, all of Addis run behind “Kinjit” 3 years ago. Because he seems to embody the “Ethiopian” vision (in a reasonably cute way) that we all grew up having drilled into us!. Yet, unlike most of his fans, I knew what Teddy Afro represents was bigger than Teddy Afro the man (who loves, simply adores, referring to his young age on every occasion J). Just like what “Kinjit” represented was bigger than every one of it’s “central committee members” put together (who, I know nobody wants me reminding them, came to a huge self-evidencing mess).

So, even when he seems to be making all the wrong moves these past two years (once costing me a good 25 bucks for a non-CD he non-released), I stood by him (in my own insignificant way) claiming that he’s just a young lad we should cut a slack for. That if given time, he’d come back to his [true?] self and make us all sing hand-in-hand … again!. (Isn’t that what we wanted him for anyway? Just the way a wife looks out the door eagerly waiting for the elders to appear, take and reconcile her to her husband? With an elderly admonition of “Antem Tew, Anchim Tey”?! I think so!). After all, how many Teddy Afro’s do we have anyway?. Not many! There is Gigi, ofcourse. But she’s been off the scene for more than three years now (after she got married and bore children *wink* *wink*), and releasing an album that used an Amharic phrase translated literally for a title (a bad idea!) and a song that actually confused the name “Ethiopia” with “Utopia” (very bad idea). I respect her for backing out while she was still ahead. And have bigger hopes for her when she reappears, after dropping off her kids at school, or attending their graduation therefrom.

I do that because I am huge on second chances. On growing new leaves. On reincarnations (“rebirth”, “recreation” and re-embodiment. Of an idea?!). Teddy Afro has become an a-hole, sure, but who hasn’t been victim of the celebrity status?. You don’t kick a guy out and throw the remains, as Bertie Wooster would say, just because he made a mistake or two. Because, when you kick-out an idol, you are also kicking-out a vision, an idea, a dream bigger than his own ‘young’ person. You are atleast losing the unique gift you can get from him (yes, it’s a co-dependent relationship folks! We ‘scratch his back’, he scratch ours. Look where our blind devotions or unconditional loves got us? Does Mengistu Hailemariam ring a bell? Solomon Teka? Kinjit?!). Not because that gift has been endowed to him “before the beginning of the world” as the bible would have you believe, but because none of us went through what he went through; saw what he saw; been to where he’s been. And when we kick him out, we kick out a whole lot of another world we could have discovered through him. As all works of art should be, and as every other human being in the planet!

Yep, I’m a very practical fan! Takes more than little to offend me. But offended I would be when my “celebs” demand that I worship them without condition, or murmur. And when they get indignant at somebody that dared mention they have no right to treat me (and us) that way. THAT is the straw that would break this sister’s back. I draw the line and demand “I beg your pardon..?”. You don’t want to see me when I’m on my “IBYP” + mood. My ex boyfriend and my husband don’t refer to me as “Zinabwa” for nothing! J

Teddy Afro has made more than one mistake, and I’m not referring to them music videos I mentioned in 2006 (http://www.google.com.et/search?hl=am&q=abesheet+teddy+afro), which sounds pretty trifle right now. First mistake, he copied some music notes and passed them off as his own (as the folks at “Addis Neger” mentioned) ‘without giving credit to whom credit is due’. So what?!, you’d say, everybody does it! Second mistake, when Seifu Fantahun discovered and aired the theft, he got indignant and said he’d take him to court and sue him for defamation. THAT isn’t something everybody does! If he had had the humility to apologize, or atleast, give Seifu Fantahun the deaf ear and let it slide, no one would have given the theft a 2nd thought. But having probably started to see himself with the burning mirror of love and devotion (and borderline worship) his fans see him with (and would continue seeing him with “an’d sewna an’d be’er eskiqer’; that of Teddy’s no doubt J), he kept on being indignant. In a pretty much “the wrath of God” way, I would like to think, making one amusedly wonder what damages our beloved icon would have done if equipped with a thunder storm, or two! Perhaps then Meles Zenawi wouldn’t look so bad? J (Yes, I exaggerate)

So ..Teddy Afro lied!. Tried to cover it up!. This being neither the times in which the gods roamed the earth looking for mortals to do mischief on, or “Zemene Derg” where an attempt to get a few more bucks can have you shot there and then, some people decided to look into the matter and re-affirmed the theft. Then, ofcourse, things flamed up. The flame didn’t stop by threatening to eat Seifu Fantahun’s good reputation, or Addis Neger and their budding reputation, but anybody’s who dared associate Teddy Afro’s name with stealing. Now, I don’t know the exact process by which shooting stars fall (or if our Prime Minister would give a “reportage” at the parliament and a news conference at the news conference room about the development on “the Teddy Afro front” one of these days. Their opinion would no doubt be on the “good riddance” side J). But this certainly feels like the beginning of a falling of one.

Like I said repeatedly, I don’t like witnessing stars fall! I love my sleep;. I hate the feeling of loss when the dust finally clears; And it’s heart-breaking, seeing another hope dashed for my fellow Addis Ababaians (even if we don’t always see eye-to-eye on them hopes). But I’ve always enjoyed seeing somebody decide to teach a bully a lesson. So the bully could come down to earth, realize there were bigger powers than him, leave the weak little boy alone, go home, cry his eyes out making the ugliest of indignant bully noises and promise to try and be good from now on.


Viva Seifu Fantahun!

Viva “Addis Neger”!.

Beware Teddy Afro!. First rule they teach you at Celebrity 101: Bullying people ain’t cool! Or *shaking index finger threateningly* no more bra-throwing, tit-for-autograph-baring chics for you!


Most of the “smart” sayings in the above post were taken from books I read. English isn’t my first language.

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  • 1. daniel  |  March 24, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    I have heard of the story but haven’t yet been ‘interested’ to know if it is a stolen ‘property’ .If it is, then i must congratulate him of being a good LEBA.if u ask me, i personally don’t have a ‘total devotion’ into anything / zefen is least of all/.Zefen only helps me remind some events in life.
    Teddy lacks experience…the guy is young so he is going to make alot of mistakes in life as anyone of us.I don’t want to be hard on him.
    I laughed alot when i read ‘My ex boyfriend and my husband don’t refer to me as “Zinabwa” for nothing! J’….God that is funny!!

  • 2. abesheet  |  March 25, 2008 at 5:58 am

    Well, apparently he wasn’t that good a “leba” or Seiful Fantahun (not the brightest of eggs, in my book) wouldn’t have found him out. Still I agree on giving him a second chance. So long as he doesn’t go about bullying people just because he happened to be on the right place at the right time. I really hate bullies.

  • 3. Arefe  |  March 25, 2008 at 8:55 am

    . Good work on your blog.
    I’m a Tedi fan, even if I feel that his is little overrated.
    Let me say right off the top that I am not a biggest fan of Seifu Fantahun. He just seems to me an unoriginal human being. He talks about American hip-hop singers in his show without mentioning his sources, which I guess are all taken magazines like Vibe.
    And he tries hard to be funny and he teases all the people who call him on the show. But his seems the tease of the petulant child.
    The irony is he is accusing of Teddy Afro of plagiarizing from Chinese music.
    I agree Seifu is right about one of the songs, Ende Birabiro that was stolen from Amharic song. But the other Chinese and Menzuma seems to be ridiculous.
    But most of all, I have every reason to suspect that this is personal than concern for the art. The two have been close friends. Now the have a fall out and he is coming up with such accusations.
    In another note, we shouldn’t exaggerate and act as if copying is a great sin and crime. Picasso was said to have good artists copy, great artists steal.

  • 4. abesheet  |  March 25, 2008 at 9:21 am

    I’ve always liked Seifu, not as an artist, rather as a P.R. type of person. You know, good for business! Great with kids! Nothing much else.

    Now, i don’t have any information regarding his assocation with teddy afro and the aforementioned “fall out”. Maybe. Maybenot! However, i am certain of the difference between Picasso’s painting “gilbeTa” and teddy afro’s attempt to pass off (successfully, i might say) someboy else’s work as his own. Correct me i am wrong, because i really don’t know what i’m talking about most of the time (i may know a thing or two abt it, but not much else. Sirr yesedede ewket yelegnim, beminim neger lai) but Picasso’s copying was a discipline, not a theft. Just like all great composers studied under greater “maestroes” before them by becoming their “deqe mezmurs” and almost all known philosophers (Aristotle under Plato, Plato under Socretes, etc. – I might have “maGelebabet” the order) copying the masters until you get your own style was and is acceptable. (Unlike me and my generation who “medgem” everything they heard like “Qes temariwoch”). Even there, copying somebody else’s painting and simply taking music “notAs” from another song and trying to pass them off as your own are two different things.

    Be that as it may, what I hated most isn’t the fact that teddy copied. It’s the fact that he copied, refused to be embarassed by it and tried to bully “the little boy” that ratted him out (Seifu may have committed the crimes he accused teddy of, he may even be a jerk. But isn’t the real point “has teddy afro stolen the noTAs or not?”). And what i’m saying here is, if he is as big as he appears to be, it’s because we gave him that status, and bad times helped. And that he better not take any of it for granted.

  • 5. Yonas  |  March 25, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    You better get your art right. The one you quoted has been one of Picasso’s most abused expressions. If you had read art history more throughly, you would have learned that Picasso mentioned “stealing” as a reference to the copying of what artists call “Point of View”. That, according to him, was more than copying even if the art was metamorphised into something new. It was stealing. This is what genuises do. Copiers are less mortal. They imitate works of art leaving their most important aspect: Point of View. Teddy is less like Picasso than Maria Carrie. In discussing art, the first rule is not taking quotes as a source of wisdom. Leave that to the likes of seifu.

  • 6. sistu  |  March 26, 2008 at 5:14 pm



    Can you break it down for us folks who thought we were too cool for art class and definitely way too cool for art theory/history? I am reluctant to share my thoughts on teddy hardegnaw before i fully understand your “Point of View” or simply your point of view. A little preview to my thoughts though: anti-frenzy. Demo who would have thought the teddy kecho of “tizita” in ETV studios would evolve into the stage lay zelay dubiye of MN(?) But that’s
    not really the point here. And nothing against his dumbushenet either.


    “the guy is young” alk? Adelem isu ignam arejen. Or, musically speaking:
    eskemechE, eeeeh-hhhhe,
    istee feten, feten, eh-he
    eskemechE, eh-he,
    idmE teramede, eh-he, eskemechE, eh-h
    min yakuatinihal….
    (that’s Gigi, btw for those of us who might be too cool to have a total devotion to zefen)

    Just had a Yohannesawee revelation (i.e. HUGE). Who here knows the poem “firhat”? I knew it as a young lady… a while ago (I ain’t no Dani, i know when i’m getting older). Have been looking to remember it for a long time now. Just found it, i think. Where, alachu? In Gigi’s song, i believe.

    libE befirhat ijig tebeklual
    Berehab betimat sewinetE zilual
    igre alinkesakes, ije alsera bilual
    joroyen alsema, aynem alay bilual
    xxxxxxx (other stuff)
    inen yerabegn fikir new (says Gigi)
    inen yeyazegn firhat new (says original poet?)

    Before I make my accusations, can someone verify?.. a little background on the poem: as i knew it, it was written on a poster of an old man getting ready to rob a house but his fear was getting the better of him.. hence, the title firhat.

  • 7. abesheet  |  March 27, 2008 at 10:03 am

    *Fondly remembered the ‘Kirosh’ she took for her junior high ‘Art Class’ which her brother made fun of while pocketing his “yeBere Qend”*

    “Art” diro Qerre wodime!!

  • 8. abesheet  |  March 31, 2008 at 5:45 am

    TeddyAfro Updates

    According to an interview he gave “Addis Admas” last saturday, entitled “BeMenderu Mogn Sanidenaget Mengedachinin Enketil”, Teddy Afro (who himself is on trial over 3 paintings he used in his “Seleme” Music video “without the artist’s permission”) has changed his mind about pressing charges against Seifu Fantahun (whom he said reminds him of the village idiot of “The village idiot”). The interview would be available within the next few days at: http://www.addisadmass.com/. While you are at it, can you take a look at the “YeSemonu Agenda” and tell me what the hell the writer was talking (or trying to talk) about?.

  • 9. sistu  |  April 1, 2008 at 5:06 pm


    Igzer Yiyilish…that took me a (good) half-hour to read (addisadmas–YeSemonu Agenda). Why don’t they have it on a lighter background, it would make it easier to read. Why don’t they eat cake alech Marie Antoinette.

    Long article and it does make me wonder if people like the writer exist in real life and, if they do, i wonder what kind of real life views they hold. but the biggest point i got out of that article is: genzeb kidus new, indeKidus neger iyut or else you are doomed (or destined?) to lebinet. He seems to think that lebinet is the easy way out that needs little tatareenet. I’m, therefore, a little concerned that he seems to be missing the point that talaq lebinets require talaq Tibebs. Somebody have a word with him. (yes, it is a him. Set atkebatirim)

    But Speaking of lebinet…

    Since Yoni is keeping quiet, let me just speak my part on Teddy. Let it be understood that I used to be teddy afro’s (opposite of greatest) fan. Gin, gin, for now, I am thinking “degarege (inquan copere)” So he copied; did you not like the end result of the copying experiment? ina mindinew chigiru? Isn’t it ketim amchiw, indetim fichiw…(i dont know the ending, something like “bicha gagiresh abiyegn”… or maybe “bicha Seifu ayiyish”). If one doesn’t like the coopera, one can always derive his/her listening pleasures from the original instead (i’m afraid to speak directly to anyone on these pages on this point)

    by the way, I am particularly surprised that his old fans are turning on him bejimla and that its now left to us, his non-admirers, to defend him. Chigir iko new.

    So, I would think that he has every right to mekotat those who mekotat him for copying. Why are they in a position to “magalet” him anyway? “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” Well, I don’t know of the logs in Seifu’s eyes, but that proverb was much too good to leave out.

    As for his 20 buck-a-song CD… well, to be fair, you only have yourself to blame. I can proudly say that I have never spent besa-besteen on zefen, but that doesn’t stop me from listening to any song to my heart’s content. Copyright?
    You shouldn’t really get me started on that… but since i brought it up myself, lemme just…

    I think copyright is the height of theft. The idea that your one-time work can become a long term yegebee-minch is, in my opinion, pure biligina. how is it that people expect to kuch bilo metor from nothing but weLed? Some (most) say its to encourage creativity. But some creativity that comes under copyright protection is worth stifling and some of the best creativity came abt without copyright protection. My view is especially solidified by the fact that copyright holders are often the richer of the masses. Ina lemin? well anyways, I am bordering ranting territories so ligo. before i do tho:

    cut him some slack: “it goes back to medieval ages when some punishments consisted of tying the convict´s limbs or throat up (in some cases to death), they would beg the punisher for mercy by asking him to loosen up or cut the rope.”

  • 10. abesheet  |  April 2, 2008 at 5:50 am

    You are a delight to read, sistu, as always! The only writer aside from me, although it’s wannabee in my case, whose writing I can stand if more than 2 paragraphs. I love it! I’m your biggest fan!

    Be that as it may, I still think teddy afro should have “metAqebed” from zacha and masferaria. But… never too late to do the right thing!

    The “Semonu agenda” guy. Wow. Wasn’t that some trip? If the title wasn’t so promising, the jilting bumpy ride wouldn’t have been that disappointing. Gin.. as it turns out.. feyel wedih, kizimzim wedia! I think he first came up with the title, and tried to write something “for it”. Unfortuantely, he didn’t have it in him! I just hope it wasn’t Nebiy Mekonnen. I’ve got a deep and abiding respect for the man, although I stopped buying Addis Admass for about a year to avoid reading his long and tiresome “Yegna sew beAmerica” and still feel publishing his “harry potter” tirgum on a newspaper tiliQ inspiration yemat’atna sira yemeft’at milikit.

  • 11. sistu  |  April 4, 2008 at 4:49 pm


    As for ineSemonou agenda, Nebiy Mekonnen and Yegna sew beAmerica, min lihunilish Abe, I have not the slightest acquaintance with their handiwork. How I love being overestimated. Yezaren ayadirgewna alfolign if internet hadn’t been at my fingertips, newspapers such as Addis Admas would have only had one identity for me: Termus metekleyas.

    But not just any termus tho, the inatina lijs (mostly) and, to a limited extent, other [lesser — gered-like, if u wish] Ouzos. As you may know, woe to her/him who asks for metekleya having only purchased veeno. Inama, keTermus af terfo, that which might end up as a reading tool was probably [only] Sebhat’s igre menged.

    See, thats why I am indebted to you as you are something of my connection to that world. ine limut, i am not kidding. ok, i won’t go on about this now… alaskoremimishim (like u did to me). Besides, i have stuff to say elsewhere (ine more equal pigs sefer ga).

  • 12. sos  |  April 5, 2008 at 7:22 am

    why all people complain to other people?tedy have many good thing sometimes he may be take other property so what is the big deal what make him wrong if he take some song to other he did not say it is mine,every person love teddy b/c he have something strong message i like newaye and teddy please do not follow a good people .everyone has there own bad thing so leave him alone

  • 13. abesheet  |  April 7, 2008 at 5:54 am

    It’s true, sos, what Teddy afro did was what everybody does and everyone has their own bad thing. But have you noticed how Teddy Afro has started behaving after all the “complaining” (as you called it?). He’s started paying attention. Giving interviews he never did before he became … what he became, even stayed with Meaaza Biru on “Chewata Program” for more than 1 hours last Saturday! Imagine that! So I think what we did was good. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know when to stop. We do :-)! Unless he misbehaved again ;-).

  • 14. suddie  |  April 9, 2008 at 6:00 am

    HOLY CRAP. Please come up with descent topic that sheds some light to our soul than talking about one kiddo “zefagne”.
    You are better than this.

  • 15. abesheet  |  April 9, 2008 at 8:51 am

    If you promise to visit, I will continue to try :-).

  • 16. aboy  |  April 10, 2008 at 7:17 am

    I am more astonished of teddy’s response-his interview with Kumneger megazine. Particularly, he said ” bemejemeria dereja baltekerekeme ewuket yewere mido sekto beredio moged lay mengoraded wede wudket bicha new yemiameraw” ”wdketn degmo lemanm almegnm” ” ewket gin lehulum yasfeligal ”
    No body is perfect, everybody has a drawback, but sure to say some peoples are special and so special that we got to have a stand to say the goods or the odds about them, still they remain special.

  • 17. abesheet  |  April 10, 2008 at 10:42 am

    Wow! Really? He said that?! Poetic, definitely, but.. somewhat “Tiibit yetemola”. Don’t you agree? I mean, at the risk of sounding like a negeregna yemender set: Esu manewina? Yemir! Yetignaw askuala gebto new yetignawin ewket yechebetew ? Anawqewim ende…:-). … “yililishala engidih” (ale aboy Sebhat). Anywho, as far as i’m concerned, Teddy Afro and Seifu Fantahun, nothing to choose between them. They are both 12 plus “chich” and trying to make money (and a difference) with what God has given them (or.. u know.. how ever you’d like to see it). The “ewQet” weapon won’t do any of them any good. Not that being a 12 plus something is yeEwqet melekia. Still..

  • 18. ermias  |  April 10, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    Right you are! Teddy need to read more to get matured. I dont think that he do readin before writing on a very sensetive issues. I know he is gifted person but to be great that is not enough.

  • 19. abyssinia  |  April 10, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    abesheet…betam arif blog new yalesh. Bezihu KeTiye.

    Although I don’t consider myself as Teddy Afro’s biggest fan, I love his music. True…some of his songs originality yelacheum, but who are we to judge. Behagerachin, copying is very common. Kemanim belay Lafonten-en Litekes efeligalehu.

    But NO to bulling…

  • 20. abyssinia  |  April 10, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    NO to bullying, correction.

  • 21. abesheet  |  April 11, 2008 at 7:09 am

    Thank you sweetness, for your comments and compliment. It’s a work in progress, and i try :-)! But it’s visitors that keep a blog alive. So please visit whenever you can. Your questions, comments and adomonishings (if any) are more than welcome!

  • 22. paulos  |  April 15, 2008 at 11:11 am

    teddy vs bull seifu
    not only is seifu’s hair bold but his mind bold too.

  • 23. abesheet  |  April 16, 2008 at 6:54 am

    I’ve seen Seifu with a thining hair, and I’ve seen him bald. I prefered the bald!

  • 24. kg  |  April 23, 2008 at 7:45 am

    Thank you all for your comments.
    Such thefts should be avoided from our country.
    “A” has to act like “A”, nothing more.

    Thank you Seifu Fantahun and “Tegorde”

  • 25. sira salata  |  April 23, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    Abesheet, what a hell are u talking about this issue….Do u really know what u are speaking????…let me drop my views

    It seems that u are a fan of Teddy Afro ,or a kind of ” I like him”, U said it so…some of ur phrases describe such. But some are difficult to catagorize.
    Well, this appears on everybody who doesn’t know what he is thinking about teddy. These days some ‘ smart guys ‘ are being created with an internal desire to say ” Teddy afro ‘mindin new ‘ who is he after all? “…..
    What initiates these guys to think differently about Teddy? Well it is apparent that all , almost all, of Ethiopians adore him, love him and are completely obsessed with his talents. He is having marks to became a legend, I didn’t say he is. But it is upto the future generation, with us, who will decide this . But the way history makes people a legend atleast starts from where Teddy afro is. By a legend, am saying a music legend, atleast as what we think of Tilahun Gessese. By this, am not equating the two…that is an equation to be solved with a time variable. But look the way we think of Tilahun, I was not on the earth when he sang, I don’t know that moments’ passion towards his musics. Neither do I like some of his works, nor does some of his styles, on the style case it may get higher. That happens not becouse he is not gifted, but due to the generation gap we had. Every generation couldn’t think the same…so our tests differ. However, When I hear some of his works, I really get touched. I am also flushed with what my papa’s, mama’s, big bros’ and siss’ sayings about his being # 1. Shortly,I grow up singing ‘ ” Kezefen andegna tilahun Gessese ”. That is why, even now, I consider him as our legend. That is the way history makes persons legends. The way of making a legend is continous, ‘ welad be dibab tihid ‘. So what is being happening to Teddy afro a similar pattern…almost all of Z Habesha adore him to death.
    Does he deserve this? Is that not a little exaggerated?
    Is he to that extent perfect?. ‘smart individuals’ like abesheet could ask such questions coz, u know, they don’t simply accept what peoples spontaneously agree. Yah these guys donot adore like everybody does…ha the want to ask these practical question. Before I try to answer mine let me put the answers these ‘smart individuals’ argue….(abesheet views are in double brackets,…down here)

    ((1. I knew what Teddy Afro represents was bigger than Teddy Afro the man. 2. I don’t like his artificial, and rather patronizing…. 3. I don’t find his ears adorable 4.once costing me a good 25 bucks for a non-CD he non-released 5.“Tiibit yetemola”, Esu manewina? Yemir! Yetignaw askuala gebto new yetignawin ewket yechebetew ? Anawqewim ende, 12 plus “chich” ))

    My personal views to the 5 points of abesheet,
    1. Well, he may represent more than he deserves. I haven’t ever heard how to measure what one deserves. But still think that, we know Teddy afro being Teddy afro…and that Teddy afro desrves what Teddy afro is….that it. That is how it works, no one is there to measure and give what one deserves. Does oprah gets what she deserves?…I would say yes, but I can’t demonstrate it. Neither a person saying she doesn’t, could verify it. Whyyy??? Coz Fame is like this, it is this way it works in the world…U will just be born to get it…If u once get it, then it is already a ‘ done’ thing ha…Finished (amnot saying that fame doesn’t crumble, though). So he really represent what Teddy afro is. He should be another person to be more than ‘Teddy afro’…He can’t be more than Teddy or less than Teddy. What he is, is what he is now…We shall swallow this and accept it.
    2. It’s true that some, very little, of his works lack some originality. Well he works many jobs with original ‘ethiopiawinet’ and if he needs to work some others in an opposte way….well he can. He is the only one who can drive his mind…his creativity is his own..either original or not. Those of us who lucks creativity, but who needs to create some original things should use our minds. How can you want to creat any **** work with other person’s mind? So what we can do is judge his original works from the view point of originality and artificial works with an artificial mode. ‘ ende.. ende ‘ art is not only original…even it is more tasty when it has some artificial addings.
    3. Not getting to Adore his ears,…..well this is a serious issue for those ‘ Smart individuals ‘. As for me it is like, when you lose something gadem of somebody u could say…such words….’ Adoring ears ‘………..ohhh I searched articles about human sensitivity to ears…ahhh I hardy find any except some sex stuffs abouts points to be found with tangue, with some search around ears. Still difficult to adore those with eyes. May be, I am trying to see hot chixx’s ears this week to experiment, if I could feel anything ahhhhh. But the thing reminds me my campass life. A freind loves a girl to death…she was very beutifull, too perfect. He asks her…yooo she says nooooo!!! it was very difficult for his freinds, for us, to think that she will agree to be with him. She was extremely gorgeous and u know she was a kind of upper class. Guess what we do then, We planned to make him forget her. To do so, with what part of her could we mock??? We tried to find, we tried and tried…almost ‘hule negerua’ can’t let us say a gadem word about her. So finally we said ” Entilua yastelal”…who can prove it !! ‘ man yimotal ‘. I will finish this issue some other time, for now, let me stop here…

  • 26. abesheet  |  April 23, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    If you don’t mind, Sira salata, I would rather not discuss teddy afro right now. He’s in enough trouble already and it feels cruel & unethical to “hitsets” “menQes” on what he did and didn’t do. Let’s wish him good luck and leave it at that, can we?!

  • 27. sistu  |  April 23, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    well, the Abesha lady might be too much of a lady but i doubt if i am, so let me…

    first, you strike me as the kind of person who places things in context (categorize, to use your word).. so i imagine you would need a little background info that covers the following areas:

    a: am i a fan? do i fall in the “i like him’ category? a big no and a smaller yes. so i guess that places me in the “dont know what s/he is thinking about teddy” column. But, sirayE wedajE, i think those of us in that category exist mostly because we didn’t see a need to form a strong opinion of him. Some would argue that, in the artistic world, those who do not inspire great feelings (of intense like or dislike) are not truly great. I would have argued the same, but i am a little afraid of your response on that so i won’t.

    b: ah, the ‘smart guys’ who are created, yes created, with an internal desire to say “mindinew isu”. In my not-so-polite mind, i interpret those as the [inherently] complexamochu. am i right? well, you are right there. we do exist. is it wrong that i was flattered by the ‘smart’ label you attached to us complexam people? or did you mean that in the ‘awekin awekin bayoch’ sense?

    c: the legend thing. really? you think it’s up to future generations? we disagree there (the “there” is to mislead you into thinking that we have been agreeing thus far) But i do think that if he can’t convince his own generation, he stands little chance of convincing the future ones. Not meaning to turn all philosophical on you but times are different. Music minamin (am trying to avoid saying “art”) is growing fast… its competitive now, its not how it used to be in the good old yirga dubale days when one singer (dare i say Tilahun) could hold the monopoly on the legendaryinet. So i am destined to think that the only way that those future dikalas will ever consider Tedros Kassahun a tilahun-like legend is if we (and that includes the denkaras like myself) agree (right here and right now) to synchronize our “kezefagn andegna tilahun gessess” tunes to fit Tedros Kassahun. So you come up with such a line and we will see if we can tal mareg the line to them polio-kaltefa-aliweledim bay aradoch (a.k.a. future generation) along with stories of the great carnage* the legendary teddy afro caused from piazza to popolaRe in our youthful days. (can you really imagine that happening?) And no, “kezefen andegna Tedros Kassahun” won’t do. People of your parent’s generation might [understandably] take issue with such a line.

    d: yeOprahin sim bekentu atansa (and behimamat midir too).

    e: the “smart individuals” with their [annoying] practical questions about why he is as big as he is. Complexam hula.

    f: by “i don’t like his artificial and patronizing” sentence, i think Abesheet was referring to his smile (i could be wrong… i am operating from memory here)… to be fair her observation was akin to her magat-ing my lib a gan full of kibE. he does have a very annoying smile.

    g: this is to the whole of your #3 point. ante Balege. don’t you know this is a child friendly site? (check halo). but in defense of your #3, it was very funny. But I am inclined to think that your uni friend was not served well by his friendship to you (and maybe more of your friends). Indene indene, you may have been harboring some feelings of your own there. i will leave it there

    h: i meant to write this on the comments page, but instead of making the journey, let me just… I thought it was very big of you to come back to this blog as an active member of mahbereseb after your rocky start with it. So i genuinely applaud that.

    i: Despite what you may be thinking, my intention was not to run this all the way to ‘z’. So i leave it here but pleas be informed that i wish Teddy Afro very, very well. if it comes down to it, i hope he does end up being above the law, since its a case of yefesese wiha.

    j: is for wey meJajal.

    * after writing it, i realized the word might have a literal meaning after all so I apologize to anybody who might think i am making light of a heavy matter.

  • 28. sistu  |  April 23, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    ende… i write “.. )” and it shows up as a smiley face of some sort. please beware that i did not mean to use that face. i think the words are enough to express wat i meant. Kindly ignore the face. and Sira, is it you who caused this issue of “comment awaiting moderation” bilo neger? koy bicha

  • 29. abesheet  |  April 24, 2008 at 6:02 am

    Hate to interrupt, fellas, especially when “sistu” gets started (always a joy to read!!) but found this news regarding Teddy’s latest arrest on BBC and thought you might wanna check it out:

    Protests Over Ethiopia Pop Singer

  • 30. sira salata  |  April 24, 2008 at 10:42 am

    Hi everybody…
    In response to abesheet’s enquiry to stop this issue, I was thinking to stand it by for a while. However, sistu’s comments shall need some look intos.
    Sistu ur comments, more of, are on the way I think and the kind I am….
    1. About considering me as a context arguer….Yes u are right, I can’t refer any one without the words he put in here. I will not create my Ideal ‘Sistu’ here to build my arguments. Doing so actually is a phallacy, I don’t know which type by hard. I can only try to know your stands from ur words. I believe that a single word in a sentence is sometimes capable than a paragraph to tell one’s mind. This is becouse most of us donot really know what we are think’n…. so sometimes it’s better to interprete each words in the way I understood. If I am wrong, u will correct me… ha coz those are ur words.
    2. By the ‘smart guys’ I mean to mean complexam guys…. But I would think that ‘ mingizem, for me, hayasiwoch, hitses neqashoch are ‘smart’. u know, they are a kind of ‘Awakis…or ‘ metsehaf liteb bayoch’….
    3. About what u say of my ‘ Bilgina ‘ …..that is up to u to take it that way….But one fact I know is those saying others ‘ Balege ‘ are not really that ‘ Chewa ‘. And we ‘ Baleges ‘…..may sometimes have a little ‘ chewanet ‘.
    4. About the comment moderation thing and my rough start to this blog, Well I said enough about it….and don’t like to add a word on it. It is enough.
    5. concerning ‘ Yefesese wuha’…..hei sistu, ‘ Ye Teddy Afron case new endih yalshiw? ‘ …..let’s wait a little time to see wheather the ‘ wuha mefses or alemefses ‘ otherwise we gonna be like fortune tellers.
    6. About ur ‘ J ‘= ‘ mejajal ‘….I can’t get what you really want to say…..need further explanation.

    I was thinking, like I said, to stop Teddy afro matter and rather keep quite about u, complexam fellas as requested by abesheet……….If sistu wants to continue with it, Well I don’t mind……Coz I still think that my sister’s, sistu’s, reply to me are like ‘ Yetifozo neger, ale adel medegagef….aynet, Supporting each other not a real stand of sistu ‘ c ya

  • 31. abesheet  |  April 24, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    I still think we should wait until TeddyAfro leaves “Qaliti Marefia Bet” (beselaam) to continue discussing this issue. Or Sira salata would sound like a saint, say what he might, and sistu would sound like the type of person who kicks people when they are down. People, in short, I know neither of you to be :-).

    So.. do you know trannies are popping out kids nowadays :-)?!

  • 32. sira salata  |  April 24, 2008 at 2:12 pm


    In any ways, Do u know what I feel about Teddy this moment (He is very young for such moments) …..ohhh am really worried….Have u ever seen a convicing evidence of his being guilty towards the accusation? or to think so???? What do u think??? Has he done it? or this is EPRDF’s jok or a concidence. I pray it is just a concidence.
    …………….I don’t wanna lose my Hero nor hear his sufferings!!!!!!
    My net searchs are only new things about him….but I hardly find any. (Yaltadelech Hager!!!!!!)

  • 33. sistu  |  April 24, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Ok Sira Salata,

    Point taken. Sistu, too, will live by Abesheet’s suggestion to let sleeping dogs lie (Abe’s phrase which reminded me of her for a long time after she wrote it, mainly because i just couldn’t picture our dog ever being ‘let’ to do anything). And don’t take me too seriously either (if at all). From your last post, it seems like the subject has entered territories that i know nothing about. So i will let myself out of the topic. Again I wish him well, and I especially wish his family well. (who is looking like a saint now, Abesheet?)

    but the few questions u asked: mejajal was for myself. I saw that i had gone on until nearly half the alphabets.

    “tifozo”?? ere tew Sal.

  • 34. Kidist Alemu  |  June 2, 2008 at 10:30 am

    Seifu fantahun leba weshtam lemen arfo aykemetem yemnder were yezo bemidia yastelalefal bemelataw new yemiyasebew arfo enjerawen biyabesel Yeshalal teddy afro lay mechem aydersem yemiyaweraw kata lemen addis fetera ayefeterem gazetegna malet yesewen sem eyagodefe ayedelem ye ethiopia hizeb betam new yetelah leteddy afo tiru fikir selalew

  • 35. jjp  |  April 28, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    well, what people don’t really see in teddy is that he’s a very sensible, reasonable and smart person. Why did he go to court on the “seifu rubbish”, well come on!!!! he’s famous and even if he wasnt’, who would want a bad name (no one!!!!) and he wasnt’ even bullying,… besides if u even have the guts to compare 2 totally uncomparable people (seifu an teddy), well u should really change ur gut. a wise person once said “the two things that wont’ grow out of seifu’s head are hairs and goodness”. the only thing the guy talks and loves is money, money and money. he trys to be like one of those “American ethiopians” and just act cool and “i’m all that” well seifu fantahun , u r so not that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    those of u who say u love teddy, i’m sure u see that smart side of teddy, so if u like him stick up to him 100% (dont’ be like” i like him but he’s bla bla bla bla…………………) no one’s perfect but u know what, teddy afro might be the first living proof that somethings are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 36. Debebe Regassa  |  May 27, 2009 at 3:10 am

    Dear all,

    I would like to remind you all that all those songs that made Tedy Afro so gracious infront of the people are not those that are alleged to be taken from other sources…. He might have some taken from other without giving them due acknowledgement (which is plagiarism and not good). However, he still keeps being one of the finnest artists Ethiopia ever had and his many original works of his own will keep shining….. he has done his own share for the togetherness and betterment of Ethiopia as a nation. .. and he has clearly demonstrated exemplary personality (that helps little kids peer in to the future and know how they should tune their future as responsible citizens)….. as for Seifu Fantahun, i have been following all when i was still in Ethiopia and even then after, he doesn’t sound a critic with a positive spirit ..it clearly sounds as a vengeance which we all should avoid as human beings…

  • 37. TGA  |  August 26, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    No matter what you say. No matter you write 1 million paragraphs undermining SEIFU FANTAHUN, believe it or not he is The Number 1 Entertainer in Ethiopia.

  • 38. elias  |  December 4, 2011 at 5:46 am

    hey most of wat u said makes a lot of sence ..if it wasnt stolen from a book(tokn’ bout he steal a song) but atleast u mentioned it….i wasn’t tryin to support his act either,cuz thats somebody to look up to n didnt handle it well at the time

  • 39. mb  |  March 27, 2013 at 8:00 am

    be resonable man k . loading on other false story is sin!

  • […] to be compensated but he declined their plea. These and a plethora of other allegations were later substantiated by now-defunct Addis Neger newspaper and Addis Admas. In one embarrassing instance, the […]

  • […] compensation but said he declined their plea. These and a plethora of other allegations were later substantiated by newspapers like Addis Neger and Addis Admas. In one embarrassing instance, the state-owned […]

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