Suspense and climax

April 9, 2008 at 8:42 am 3 comments

Having read 40 somethings of Agatha Christie’s 80 something books in my teenage years (my father was an English Teacher by trade and a British Council member), it’s no wonder my favorite adult-life movie genres turned out to be psycho-thrillers and ones with twist-ends (along with comedies, cartoons & classics).

Not just any psycho-thriller and twist-end movie, mind you. But the ones with brains. Like.. “Brand Upon the Brain”, for example J. “Pulp Fiction”, “Momento”, “Death Proof”. Say anything and everything either Miramax produced or Tarantino directed (who, thank God, isn’t a jew ;-)).

They have got the biggest teasers in the world, these genres, and the teasers actually pay off! You are taunted: through silent whispers, dark shadows and images that come and go like a disco lighting before you are allowed to discover whodunit, how or why. Pretty much what you go through when a relationship is about to come to an end, you would say, except in movies you always get closures (unless those in whose Director’s mind the bad idea of a “Sequel” lurks!).

Even if you decided to pause the movie and make yourself some coffee (which I always do, when feeling jumpy), you’d continue to be tense. You’d fancy if that wasn’t a shadow on the wall, if you weren’t hearing voices, why the hair on your neck stood and if there wasn’t a ghost behind you. And if you passed by the mirror, you are sure to see something that doesn’t remotely resemble you.

That’s it, you’d say, better watch it and get it over with. Find out whodunit; Solve the mystery; Figure the puzzle! So you, the mouse, and he – the cat (aka the Director, mystery teller) can “get there” together.. rather like a perfect orgasm is supposed to be.

Infact, there is much of the sexual game in thrillers than meets the eye. There is the meeting (introduction), the flirtings (said teasers), the wine-ing and the dinning (actual gore stuff), and the climax. But the foreplay! The foreplay is what the game is all about. It’s a tease that goes for almost 2 delicious hours, with a conclusion that’s sure to give a much needed release to both captive emotions and tense muscles. Would “Viagra” express it better?. Viagra, then! A brain Viagra, for both sexes J. My husband was telling me only a week ago how he once saw a Viagra advertisement on tv that has a warning label that read “In the event of an erection lasting more than 4 hours, see your doctor”. His response was what Cher Horowitz of “Clueless” would say to an unsuitable wannabee suitor, “Yeah right. As if”!.

How is that for a teaser?! J

Go here for clean Viagra jokes. The “Quickies”, hillarious!!

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  • 1. abyssinia  |  April 10, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    I’m no longer into psycho-thriller movies but Alfred Hitchcock-The Master of Suspense was my fave.

  • 2. Scooby  |  October 19, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    Just came across this when goiing through your old articles. `I think it’s simple and powerful. by the way who is J you ikeep writng to? ~_~

  • 3. abesheet  |  October 21, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Funny you mentioned that because guess what i saw posted on my facebook updates this morning? The 9 Stupidest Surprise Endings Imaginable (Video). I thought Orphan’s one redeeming quality was it’s twist ending. The rest, however, they nailed pretty good. Check it out when you get the time. If, that is, you never intend to watch the movies mentioned here. If you do.. you could do without the spoilers because that maybe all there is to the movies.

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