Are we blocked yet?

We had a brief fall out yesterday evening, me and my lover! I learned later that it wasn’t entirely his fault. But neither was it mine!

You see, I’ve been burned once. I’ve had the ground beneath me move with nothing to hold on to in sight. I had to deal with the trauma, afterwards. With the crushed ego; with writing the e-mails; with finding yet another hobby and trying to fill my time with as much yawning as possible.

So I have a hard time trusting! That’s what happens when you have been burned once. You stop taking anything for granted and it’s “he loves me”, “he loves me not” every other minute. Especially when [what with the bi-weekly electric interruption and the generator running out of generating oil every other minute, the careless stepping of staffs on telephone cords and wires, and the IT guy’s unexplainable urges to relieve the system of some virus or other] you fail to connect more frequently than used to these days.

So a girl gets doubtful. Wonders if the end is nigh and she should start making plans. Plans about what she’s going to do with all the time she would have in her hands now that he is no longer in her life. And, with a song on her lips (an “Unchain my heart”, that’s more of a prayer than a request) she gets down to the painful task of re-writing all those who “knew” (like she did once before) that she is no longer a Mrs. Blogger.

By the way, if your name happens to be Chris and you are reading this with creased eyebrows, I’m talking about my love affair with the Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation. The’ power’ and the ‘might’ that made my other blog a history?.

On a less playful note, is anybody else having a hard time logging into their wordpress account since yesterday evening? Had to go into Bebo Proxy to access my account. Thank God for friends in free-er worlds who never run out of ways to help a sister out! Yes, Daniel, that friend is you! :-).

One thought on “Are we blocked yet?

  1. When I finally found a blog that I really enjoy reading each and every article, are they going to block it/you? Ere, no way!

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