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April 23, 2008 at 7:31 am 8 comments

There are so many things you don’t say out-loud because you love, fear and/or respect those listening weyim out of common decency! You don’t tell your mother, for example, how her attitude towards women & marriage reminds you of a ‘bAriya fengaay” sometimes. You don’t tell your boss his/her jokes are never funny. And you don’t say “these fucking [fill the name of your respective “bisot qesQash” group here] are making you tired already” infront of members of the race or religion group that caused the weary feelings (if you prefer to live in peace with your neighbors, that is). But I really wished I could say something [nasty] against the Muslim fundamentalists in Somalia earlier when I read, on a friend’s facebook profile, the following article: Clerics Killed in Somali Mosque.

Don’t get me wrong, now! I have always viewed the war in Somalia as another “tiQur netib” on our history (“torinet” and “sibseba” seems to be the only thing we are good at doing nowadays, none of which have proved much help in moving our “kedihnet yetelaqeqech ager yememesret” guzo an inch). And, if it was in my powers, I’d have had it over before it even started!!

I feel sorry for the people of Somalia, for ‘the grass between two elephants’ treatment they are getting from their neighbors. And I’m sorry their problem, whose end is still difficult to foresee even after 17 years, seems to “metreff” to others. But I can understand why our government needed to get its hand dirty over there. It would not only benefit politically & ofcourse economically from the West, always the West (which it needs more desperately than anything after HR2003), but also help it to punch a hated enemy (the leader of a small country on the horn of Africa who has a striking resemblance, have you noticed?, to Sadam Hussien, Gadaffi & even Joe Stalin) on the nose. Not fair! Monstrously wrong! But understandable.

So whenever I hear claims of Ethiopia invading Somalia, I simply give it the deaf ear. Not only because I am well aware these accusations aren’t made to get a rise out of me but also because I recognize it as only natural to want to blame someone you can’t lay your hands on rather than those you can do something about in times of despondency. [My dad asks God what he did to offend Him whenever my hell-raiser brother comes home drunk and starts verbally abusing every living thing within a mile]. That would give sufficient answer, I believe, to any wonderings any one of us might have as to why if these people aren’t happy with their government and the way it operates (or atleast the neighbors it asks for assistance from), they won’t take it with “it” directly instead of keep blaming all their problems on us! Not that we’ve managed to voice our own “teQawmos” on things we aren’t happy with our government doing, even with a country that has not been torn apart by a war that has been going on for the last 17 years anyway. So I forgive and try to forget.

I can even go as far as forgiving and try-to-forgetting the Ethiopians who are making the same accusations [not from any sense of “teQorqwarinet” to the people of Somalia but to serve their own little insignificant ends] against the Ethiopian government from the States and Europe! After all, as my college classmate used to say, what do you expect from a one dollar dish?! I mean, these people have proved, time and again, that they do not gave a rat’s ass about us. And probably never will. As long as they are settling their little scores with the government from a safe distance, essatu lemyaQatilew weyOlet enji we are only numbers to them. Numbers that could be reported to the concerned “mebt reGeta tekelakay mahber” to “mas’atat” the government with. It goes without saying the more we died, the bigger the number! And the bigger the number, the bigger the blame and the fiercer the sanctions would be against the government. Sanctions we, the people, pay dearly for.

I’m not trying to say they “pray” for our [mass] demise exactly!. I know these guys are human [ejig “tebab” and irredeemably selfish maybe, but human nonetheless] and a “wOgen” at that. No doubt, they would have had it otherwise, if they could! But they can’t and are painfully aware of the fact that nothing comes free in this world. Especially “zewd” and “betre mengist”. Especially in Africa! Therefore, they are ready to sacrifice some of us (it was 15,000 youth for Engineer Hailu Shawel. A man who, in his own words, worked for the Dergue regime lest no harm should befall his family) for a good cause. What the West would call “collateral damage”! Yep, that’s us, babe, collateral-damage-to-be, dead-man walking. Women too, at that. And, sometimes, even them wee ones!

It doesn’t sound fair, by any measures. Just as the war in Somalia can never be justified say whatever our government will. It may even tempt us to think if our death-wishers aren’t as bad as those ready to fire at us were we to start trouble. But, thankfully, they have been telling us to “trust” them for decades. And trust them we would (woe to him that lays not his life in their hands) as knowing what’s good for us – better than us! They are the “mihurs”, after all, the “doctors”.. the “professors” and the engineers. We, mere mortals! No getting round to it, I’m afraid! Say, being from a “Christian Island” and of a skeptic disposition, you were to humbly murmur “mechem.. beAmsaale silase yetefetere hulu yisasatalna..minalbat…”. It would be shame on you .. O ye of little faith.. for haven’t you learned?, have you not heard that saying “befiQirina tornet gize hulum mesariya tikikil new”?! [Something their mostly successful attempts to justify everything they loved and demonize everything they hate bears abundant witness for]. Which is why it would be but a small price to pay to prove our undying “fiQir” [for them]. A ‘fiQir’ they would exploit to the best of their ability in their “torinet” against the government.

All this, ofcourse, is nothing compared to what’s happening in Somalia – atleast for now!. The monstrosity of Muslim fundamentalists killing their own innocents so their people would believe the big bad “Christians” from the highlands of Ethiopia went on a Muslim-killing spree!

“Ohh.. if I just wasn’t a lady.. what would I tell these varmints!”

P.S. The last line was taken from Wiki’s favorite quotes of Scarlett O’hara’s from “Gone With the Wind”

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“Yifelegal” Fasika (as I saw it :-))

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  • 1. abyssinia  |  April 23, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    Don’t get me wrong! I strongly condemn the war in Somalia.

    However, from the get go I have NOT been in favor of the Ethiopian troops sent into Somalia to protect the Somalia government against Islamist militia. Well, I may be politically incorrect but I think we should let Somalia deal with the extremists and warlords on its own. Ok they may not be able to handle it alone…so let the UN/NATO get involved!

    On the same note, I think the Ethiopian’s incursion could be just the provocation the militia needs to build public support for a guerrilla war. Isn’t it what’s happening? Last week, I read about the Ethiopian troops fleeing Somalia to Yemen. Why?

    One officer said, “We did not expect the fighting to reach this level of ferocity or that it could turn into a guerrilla war.”

    We all know why we are in this war. Whether our government admits it or not, yehe yema sira endehone beGiltse yetaweke new. We do it for money or not, it’s crystal clear that we don’t belong there.

    Besew chigir yegna hiwot malek yelebetem new yemelew!

  • 2. daniel  |  April 23, 2008 at 7:37 pm


  • 3. abesheet  |  April 24, 2008 at 5:34 am

    Yes, Daniel?!

    Abby: You’ve got my point exactly sis. The war should be condemned! And it should come to an end, for somalians (too) if possible; but definitely from our side. But it should not be blamed on the Ethiopian government [only] when we all know there are bigger powers at work here. Because to america it’s still “with us” or “against us”. And when the rich and powerful start making conditions the poor and powerless run around like crazy to ‘makenawen’ it. It’s happened to Pakistan, with Musharaff admitting his hands were tied. It’s happening to us.

    Anywho.. yes.. i’m there with you all the way. And “yes” to that other question too. I just pray ‘egziabher massachinin yemiyabelashutin Qeberowoch endiyizilin’, to use a biblical code :-).

    Ok, here is more BBC news on the Somali mosque “killings”. Ethiopian Denies Mosque Killings

  • 4. Dr. Ethiopia  |  April 24, 2008 at 10:15 pm


    Abesheet – good job on the site sis. I never had the time to visit it, but i am glad i had finally found the time to do so.

    Anyhow, i love your objective look into the Somalia debacle. ethiopia has perfectly managed to get its hands dirty like no other by reaching into the wrong cookie jar.

    The sad raelity is the fact that generations to come would pay with their reputation and so forth because of the actions of one arrogant and stubborn leader.

    We have reached the bottom of our despair as Ethiopians, and the killing of those in the Mosque is the icing on the cake.

    I always thought slavery was the greatest crime committed against humanity, but being killed by one of your own (like blacks killing each other) tops slavery easily, in my opinion.

  • 5. E'b'd  |  April 24, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    have you guys looked at somalia being a safe harbor for “ogaden netsa awuchi” and “oneg” and Eritria fundding those organizations through somalia? i don’t know much about politics but that seems like the main reason we went to Somalia.

  • 6. Tsegaye  |  April 25, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    What exactly are we dealing with here?
    Here’s one explanation as to WHY Ethiopia is in Somalia. Col. Aweyes, a former soldier of Siyed Barre formed Al-Ithad. This organization is extremist, as I understand it, and has conducted repeated raids inside Ethiopian territory on both govt and civilian entities.
    This organization was said to be responsible for several bombings. In the end it was mostly destroyed by the Ethio Army that went into Somalian territory.
    Aweyes fled, reorganized and became one of the leaders of Islamic Courts. Islamic courts is another extremist with the stated objective of making the horn pure islam (as they see it.) ICU has on more than one occasion declared Jihad against Ethiopia (as a nation) and is said to have links with Al-Qaida (watch ICU videos of operations.)

    Now, ICU threatens to become Somalia’s governing power. The weak government in Somalia I think is elected fairly (look it up.)


    My thing is where’s all this confidence coming from that Ethiopia shouldn’t have been in Somalia at all?
    Some of the rebuttals given by some is “Well the bombings in the hotels etc are done by Woyane just to make an excuse to invade Somalia” or something like that.

    As a person in the third world I recognize the potential reality of this, but what does common sense say? Does a Jihadist organization need any help to destroy Ethiopia?

    USA is in this, and wants Ethiopia in Somalia, yes. But so what? It is a difficult situation, why are people quick to say THIS or THAT? LeteqemaCH semay qirb new aynet indayhon.

    That’s my take on the situation. Abesheet said it right though. In the end no REAL good will come out of this: War is NOT what the horn needs. Not with Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan..or even inside the countries.

  • 7. Tsegaye  |  April 25, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    lol…I love the part about your brother verbally abusing living things (and possibly non-living things) within a mile.

  • 8. abesheet  |  April 26, 2008 at 8:18 am

    I like your take, Tsegaye. It certainly is more insightful than any of ours. I just knew ‘beDabesa” that our hands were foced in Somalia, and should atleast be put-up with, if not exactly approved. Here is what beats me when it comes to Ethiopians in general and Ethios abroad. My husband is American. He hates Bush and calls him all kinds of names, in the privacy of his family and American friends and declares openly that the war in Iraq is wrong!. But when it comes to discussions about the way his government operates to strangers [like me for example] he simply keeps his mouth shut. Maybe because this sister doesn’t know how to stop once she’s started blasting folks but mostly because you don’t sell out your people to “baEdan”, however wrong you think they are. You don’t do that, it ain’t cool.

    That’s why I hate Salman Rushdie and am not all chocked up whenever i hear of his problems with Ayatolah Komenie. And it’s one of those things I admire that about my husband. Now, I’m not saying “approve” what your government is doing. Fight it! But don’t go running to White House and repeat “Mr. Bush” (which, by the way guys, sounds ridiculous in English) every time a problem occurs. Sit here and fight it, if you are brave enough (like Sileshi Demissie did). If you’d rather save your behind, and i’m not saying it’s cowardly [maan lemaan yimotal, after all?!] then shut up about it already.

    If i were ever asked to do a Martin Luther King Jr. gig, this would be my “i have a dream”. To see an Ethiopia where Ethiopians aren’t the first to “massatat” other Ethiopians with. Where they would be capable of saying “yes, such & such has done this and that wrong; but he’s done this and that right; and it’s all a work in progress; we are all learning along, nobody is perfect. So we will stand by him”. A little solidarity never hurt anyone, guys!

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