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Ethiopians will be Ethiopians!

It’s official, folks! Our life is in danger!!

There was another car bombing in Addis yesterday evening that killed three and wounded four. The government has, ofcourse, blamed OLF, ONLF & Eritrea for it. It ain’t the Somalis! It can never be the Somalis! Because the Somalis know we are there to liberate them! Just like the Iraqis knew the Americans were there to liberate them!!

Oh .. the dirty game people play!!

Anywho, what i found amusing (yes, life must go on! We gotta be able to be amused if, for no other reason, our faces don’t look too sour for our “genaZjoch”) was the way the news was discussed among my colleagues. Who kept using the term “bilGina new!” to describe the act. A term almost as comic and heart-breakingly naive as that guy who wept, on Police Program, “I can’t believe a man who calls himself ‘Ethiopian’ would do this”  after either being robbed or mugged by somebody he trusted. Somebody, according to him, should be written-off as “tsegure Liwit” due to his un-“Ethiopian” act. The kind of childish innocense and a naïveté that not only makes you want to give these folks a hug (and a shoulder to cry bewildered frustrations on) but confirms a long held belief among my countrymen that all Ethiopians go to heaven! Has not Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven was for “of such”?! A belief, I’m sorry to say, we may need to hold onto more tightly now than ever not only because Earthly Kingdoms have always been in somebody else’s hand in our country’s case, but since we are likely to meet our maker any time now!!

Pray for us! Will ya?!

On the same token, Journalist/Writer Abreham Retta Alemu has died, according to Sheger FM, sometime yesterday morning. If you are an Addis Admass regular, you have come across his columns. Especially one that went by the title: “ALn, TeBaLn, AsBaLn”. Which, consequently, got turned into a book. It seems he’s been arrested for some article he wrote against someone/s important and even served time a few years back. Upon hearing from my colleague he may have still been in prison, I googled him. All I could come up with is this paragraph from INTERNATIONAL PEN, Writers in Prison Committee regarding his arrest. You’ll also find yahoo’s link to the bombing news herebelow!

Peace on Earth and Good Will toward All!

Boy, did those Angels knew what they were talking about!!

Yahoo! News: Three killed in Addis Ababa bomb blast: Police

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The Jews run the world (until the Gays, led by Perez Hilton, take over, that is). Need a proof?! Catch the next episode of South Park on Comedy Central and there you would see:

  • How Christianity could be crucified, again and again, maliciously and unchecked
  • How a smear-campaign, that may involve but isn’t limited to actual feces, is launched against those celebrities who have said anything mildly against the Jews or Judaism
  • How smart, daring and sensible Jews are

On the other hand, anybody standing for anything worth standing for (an anti-smoking activism, an attempt to have a family unfriendly show taken off air, etc) the creator/writers don’t believe in is made the butt of a cruel joke.

All would not have been lost if the writer/creators stopped defacing everything on their way and gave us 1 insight into life/people/human nature. The way that fabulous television sitcom “The Simpsons” did. The way “Family Guy” is trying to do. The way all good works of Art who are not trying to get publicity by simply being crude do. No, the one consistent theme in the movie, next to undeserved attack and gore, seems to be “being fat” means “being dumb and evil”. Fat and fart, a bad comedian’s last resort.

Aside the obvious irony of a country whose 2/3rds of citizens are said to be Obese having a seemingly unappeasable hunger for “fat jokes”, I’d like to know how nobody seems to dare acknowledge the big Jew elephant in the room. How, when a Jew is the perpetrator, everyone shuffles his/her shoe; scratches his/her head and looks away. From the bombing of Gaza to a Jew Comedian starting an affair with an under-age girl 21 years his junior, it’s never “wrong”. Never “pedophilia”. It’s “self defense”; “an existentialist question”; “Seinfeld is [still] a child within. And she was too mature for her age”.

Isn’t that the same “goy” argument Humbert Humbert made on Lolita? Or was it “Jew”?!

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