May 21, 2008 at 3:19 am 4 comments

The Jews run the world (until the Gays, led by Perez Hilton, take over, that is). Need a proof?! Catch the next episode of South Park on Comedy Central and there you would see:

  • How Christianity could be crucified, again and again, maliciously and unchecked
  • How a smear-campaign, that may involve but isn’t limited to actual feces, is launched against those celebrities who have said anything mildly against the Jews or Judaism
  • How smart, daring and sensible Jews are

On the other hand, anybody standing for anything worth standing for (an anti-smoking activism, an attempt to have a family unfriendly show taken off air, etc) the creator/writers don’t believe in is made the butt of a cruel joke.

All would not have been lost if the writer/creators stopped defacing everything on their way and gave us 1 insight into life/people/human nature. The way that fabulous television sitcom “The Simpsons” did. The way “Family Guy” is trying to do. The way all good works of Art who are not trying to get publicity by simply being crude do. No, the one consistent theme in the movie, next to undeserved attack and gore, seems to be “being fat” means “being dumb and evil”. Fat and fart, a bad comedian’s last resort.

Aside the obvious irony of a country whose 2/3rds of citizens are said to be Obese having a seemingly unappeasable hunger for “fat jokes”, I’d like to know how nobody seems to dare acknowledge the big Jew elephant in the room. How, when a Jew is the perpetrator, everyone shuffles his/her shoe; scratches his/her head and looks away. From the bombing of Gaza to a Jew Comedian starting an affair with an under-age girl 21 years his junior, it’s never “wrong”. Never “pedophilia”. It’s “self defense”; “an existentialist question”; “Seinfeld is [still] a child within. And she was too mature for her age”.

Isn’t that the same “goy” argument Humbert Humbert made on Lolita? Or was it “Jew”?!

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Speaking of history.. Ethiopians will be Ethiopians!

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  • 1. Scooby  |  May 21, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    `I don’t see what jews rulling the world has anything to do with bad comedy.But maybe you can write your goverenor about it. You are there, aren’t you? ~_~.

  • 2. abesheet  |  May 21, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    They are getting away with it, Scoob, that’s the problem. Because nobody wants to be seen as having a problem with the Jews (the gays, the blacks or mexicans) . So, at the cost of “political correctness”, truth gets crucified. A hostage situation if i ever saw one!

  • 3. Mazzi  |  May 21, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    The invisible hands (of a small minority group I might add) that turn the wheels of this country (by extension the world’s I dare say) have disproportional amount of political, social, and financial power/influence with extremely powerful lobbying groups to boot. In fear of major reprimand and vindication in insidious ways that hurt, it seems as though the rest of us just ‘maQerqer anGetachinin’ and ‘kenfer memT’eT’ about the injustices we observe in places like Gaza. Especially those of us who are already outsiders, the most we do is bitch among ourselves and fellow sympathizers about the pure madness we observe as helpless bystanders hoping in earnest that the walls have no ears for the little we metenfes about what we really think and say.

    EgNam Qodachinin sileminiwed, besew lay yemiserawin giff eyayen ‘Negg benE neww’ yemilewin ababal deliberately resten minim endalayen endalseman honen we go about our business CHirachnin Qolifen. But, Karma is a bitch and one day history will judge us harshly! Why mekeran bedenb keQemesu hizboch yeteweledu yetezamedu hizboch find it in themselves to easily dish out mekera in abandunce le-léla teCHeqwagN hizb, I will never know!

    Sigh sigh…..

  • 4. drmbrown  |  May 22, 2009 at 2:32 am

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