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Just when we have managed to convince the world (by “we”, I mean me; and by “the world” I mean the three or four single females I go to school with who value the sister’s opinion or are too intimidated by the violence with which she treats the subject to protest) the truth in the claim that fairy tales were another concoction by the society [of men] to entrap the modern gal into sitting around waiting for a man whose liberating kiss would bring her back to the land of the living and with whom she’d live happily ever after; and before doing so much as “mAgeGem”ing from our indignance and refilling our temporarily consumptive “samba” with fresh air … along comes science “blazing it forth to the world” that there is more to fairy tales than mere fantastic works of imagination to lure otherwise insomnaic children to sleep!

(Is it just me or was that like the longest paragraph ever?!)

So/thus/therefore here below are the links I found on Yahoo! regarding science’s flirtation with fairy tales, mythical creatures and all that dull stuff it has no business wasting it’s time on. Don’t these people have bigger problems to solve (like how to cure cancer, how to keep green house gas emissions in check, how to avoid living in the same planet with that colleague who says “sOlaam new?” every time he passes by your door) than if Rapunzel’s hair can carry the prince? What next, I mean to say! That there was something to St. Paul’s claim (a guy I’ve always had a problem with, next to Moses) that women were created for men and not the other way round (so they should learn in silence and subjection in male company)?!

Finally and before you blunder through the buffet of Livescience’s fairy-tale related articles, lemme share with you my favorite Cinderella quote from “The Mirror Has Two Faces”. A chick-flick type of movie produced, directed & staring Barbra Striesand that landed actress Lauren Bacall a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress (both Ladies are jews, by the way ;)). It goes:

..It struck me that this ritual, a wedding ceremony, is the final scene of the fairy tale, they never tell you what happens after. They never tell you that Cinderella drove the Prince crazy with her obsessive need to clean the castle and that she missed her day job.

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