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Got any plans for the weekend?

If you don’t, you’d perhaps like to check out Edna Mall. Oh…? You been there already? A thousand times?! Well…. Me, my sister Blen and my brother Babi were there last Saturday (unless I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong, we are the first to contaminate the Holy place from our part of the town. High five?! 🙂 ). You are never too old for fun, we decided, and fun we had, albeit an expensive one (an hour hasn’t passed when I noticed my 140 birr was gone over a 5 birr chip. And, no, my bag didn’t have a hole).

So what if you come across the occasional juice-sucking dirty-collared annoying kid who insists on lecturing your brother on how to work the joystick, being a stumbling block for anybody wanting to enjoy the game (yourself included, that “Resident Evil” is OSUM!!), what if you saw a scrawny white man with wild hair you won’t let watch your kids on tv walking around child-less, what if your fellow low-self esteemed sister refused to pose for the camera after she saw a gang of adolescent girls following “soTo yeteyayazu” Romeo and Juliet-kinds in a typical “Mean Girls” fashion and your 14 year old brother, starving-and-exhausted-after-an-hour-of-HULK, can’t get enough of them french fries. Rough it up a bit! Live a little! Or let live! Atleast, that’s what we Bihere-QeBenas say when we go to fancy places the quite voice in our head tells us we do not belong to, or invite half a dozen people home and “manTeff” 2 injera. “KesKis”, we encourage “zelalem aynor!”.

I will be by Bob’s Bites — NOT!

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