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October 22, 2008 at 12:19 pm 2 comments

The ethionet.et server was down this morning, as it has been doing for almost two weeks’ mornings now. So I started rummaging through my personal files to find something worth reading. That’s when I came across a file a [learned] friend sent me to read .. get away .. retreat .. and ponder over about a month ago.

The article entitled “Out of your mind” (by British Writer, Philosopher, Speaker and “Student of comparative religion” Alan Watts) caught my attention. “What ho” I said to myself “have we here?”. And so.. I started reading.

The gist of the article, as detailed in the Preface, was as follows: we are all Gods; the realities around us are realities we “dreamed up” ourselves but hid so convincingly that even we/us/ourselves don’t know they aren’t real, and all we need to discover the meaning of life (the world, etcetra) is know it and expand on it etcetera etcetera

I was bored quickly. But not before I came up with the idea of writing the following chapter so the friend and you (my readers) could clearly see just why i was bored. Kindly note that this post is neither a translation, nor an imitation, of Watt’s article. Just a rambling on my part in the hope of creating the “Equivalent” of the “Alan Watts Experience” this sister had.

I DO NOT exist. I am present. This existence is the ultimate galactic imagery a chemical imbalance that just happens to take a form, dwelling in what we call “the brain”, by coincidently creating and bringing a feeling of awareness (decoded by the rest of our “sensory organs”) in the minute-by-minute experience we naively call “life” as “living”/”existing”. The galactic imagery which the chemical imbalance merging with meteoroids, asteroids and that mass out of which the soul is made of has been evolving for 938,409,340,38 years before becoming this dwelling-presence occupying time and space we share with those egos that may or may not have been a figment of our imagination. This presence, that I’ve been led to believe is an independent being going by the name “I”, is therefore the result of a 938,409,340,38 years of evolving before the ego (self) that is contained in this bag of skin I’ve been taught to call “my body” dreamed it up and brought it to a certain shape that would occupy the said time and space in this presence that I called ‘me’.

It may come as a shock, even blasphemous, this claim of mine of having dreamed up my existence and the world around me along with other egos dependent, independent and interdependent or not with the God within. The way we are conditioned to perceive the world around us, the fact that our unawakened self only depends on it’s barbaric sensory organs to translate into meaning the information it sees, hears, touches, tastes and whatnot; the fact that we are created in such a way that we can only survive as social animals and the various things that makes shit happen in this world, would no doubt scream “madness”. As Dr. D.C. Whacko once observed, this resistance to the omnipotent self is the ultimate shyness the God in us has been playing hide and seek with from time immemorial. As a blushing maiden resists the advances of her suitor so he could prove his commitment by wooing and ultimately winning her, it demands of us the decision to throw away self and burn it at the stake as the ignorant world did to philosophers, dreamers and poets of past.

Needless to say, this willingness to see your “self” going up in flames doesn’t come naturally. A life-long conviction, as hard to tear away as from a spell, it won’t be broken unless we decided to get in touch with the inner God by doing what the ancient Hindus in their ultimate wisdom called “Nograd Cigam” (meaning “reaching for the higher self”). Reaching for the higher self, as the name indicates, demands a willingness to “get high”. The ancient Hindus, (peace be upon them) accomplished this by going deep into the forest, burning a special kind of leaf and dancing naked enveloped in it’s sacred smoke. This smoke would put a stopper to their sensory organs by producing certain electrical and magnetic waves that would connect the self (brain) to the chemicals, meteoroids and asteroids it evolved from before occupying space and time in the “present”. Resulting in not just a detachment from what we know to be “reality” but a union with the naked super-ego that is contained deep within our bag of skin (which Christians and Muhammudans call “the temple of [the inner] God”). This liberation from sensory organs and the egoistic “self” opens the door for our shy and intricate omnipotent being to be wooed out of hiding, and emerge – fully aware of it’s own Godly ability, one step at a time.

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O ye faithful… Have you ever..

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  • 1. Kermo Tija  |  October 31, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    This sounds like New Age mumbo jumbo

  • 2. abesheet  |  November 1, 2008 at 8:00 am

    It does, doesn’t it Kermo? New wine in old wineskins, so to say. And not promising to taste better. Even if it did, why would i want to model my life after some other mortal’s experience and miss out on all the fun? 🙂

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