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A Bush Legacy

Nothing more I’d like to do than join in the festive mood (Enkuan Des Alen, Enkuan Des Alen). But it’s hard to see the sun when there hangs a heavy cloud over you. This heavy cloud came in the form of a news pieces. A few minutes before annoucing Obama Jr’s victory, the Commander of Federal Police appeared on the ETV screen and asked us to lend him our ears. We obeyed. Apparently, Ethiopians have more things to worry about than John McCain becoming the most Senior American President in history: our own neck!. Sudan Tribune reports:

Ethiopia warns of immanent terrorist attacks

November 4, 2008 (ADDIS ABABA) – The Ethiopian authorities warned today of imminent terrorist attack and urged citizens to collaborate with security forces.

The Joint Taskforce of National Intelligence Security Service and the Federal Police said, in a press statement issued today, it has got information that may lead to crack down on a looming plotting to carry out terrorism in Ethiopia.

Read the rest here.

Now, Obama may have Bush to thank for 4 his victory. But I see no silver lining to the long shadows of the Governor of Texas even on the eve of his departure. Not to kick a man when he’s down, mind you. But everything this blot on modern history did since day 1 reminds one of ETV’s “Brother Monkey”. A.k.a. the mischievious ‘Moneky King’ “who loved playing havoc amongst the gods”. Now, unless the election result convinces the culprits to delay the attack in a kind of good-will ceasefire deal (the way they do with huge football tornaments), we are doomed.


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