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Objects of my affection

Never realized how Ethiopians abroad don’t really get a chance to watch the various Ethiopian songs coming up (atleast the ‘netela zemas’ which are the best kind of ‘zemas’) to judge how far the music has come from those bitter “Aregahegn Worash” days, until Chuni confessed to watching Ehsan Abduselam’s “Harrariya” the whole day.

Herebelow, you’ll find my Top 3 ‘netela zemas’ of late (in no particular order) and three more I happen to like for various reasons. Make sure you watched them more than once, may take time to sink but hardly leave after they do. For those of you in Addis, I’ve posted the address to the youtube link on top of each video incase wordpress failed to show it as wordpress has been doing for some time now.

(A Kunama song by Birhane Haile)

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