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Beware of the dogs..

Equipped with fully armed soldiers, Securitas wire-fences with skull and bones on them for the illiterate invader and all sorts of “MaLeff Kilkil newu” warnings, the Arat Kilo “Parlama” is the last place you expect to see a nullin. But such a creature exists. His name is Teshome Toga. The Hon. Teshome Toga: Ambassador and Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives of the FDRE.

I don’t think there is a more detestable man in ethiopia than this blot on the Parliament. His conutenance, as you know, is enough to intimidate the bravest. Still, he uses all his power to intimidate more and make my Sunday evening with ETV embarassing and “Kuchit yetemola” . He rudely interrupts Parliamententarians in a way that makes no secret why opposition voices are rarely heard (if these people are anything like me, they’d be busy wondering what they did to this man to make him act so to voice their concern), he snubs them openly (all the while referring to them as “Yetekeberu”, by who i wonder.) and once embarassed the Prime Minister himself by being “more catholic than the pope” in “teQorqwarinet” for the “Abioytawi Democracy” cause.

No body expects his Hon. Teshome Toga to grow into a Beautiful swan, the way her Ex. Hon. Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives Almaz Meko did, over night. But his role is of a facilitator. Reading of Agendas, counting of minutes, calling members to order, etecetera… respectfully. His seeming not to realize that and adopting “YeTekochi”, “Kontach”, “Kechi” part, with that face too, proves only one thing: that the Ethiopian Parliament isn’t even willing to pretend it is a democratic forum.

Dawit Yohannes, where art thou?

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