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‘s Miley time

Every nation has it’s “gypsies”, our Oral Literature instructor once told us. It’s Lalibellas or “Eregna”s. It’s superstitions, its “abai tenQway”s and the traditional medicine those “abai tenQwayis” dish out. Using a poem, a washint, a painting or an embroidery, grievance (like recreation, like survival) finds a way out.

I’ve been fascinated by the Palestinian embroidery every since I came across it in a Christian fiction I found at “Bete Emnet” Library, a branch of IEC Church’s. The “Zion Chronicles”, the book is entitled, and is written by Bodie Theone, a historical fiction writer who with husband or brother Brock Theone produced 45 best selling novels.

In “Daughters of Zion”, the 2nd of the 5 books in the series, you’d come across the story of a holocaust-survivor Jewish beauty who finds out her Aramaic-speaking Red-Sea-Scrolls-translating Archeologist slash Professor FiancΓ©e (Moshe, I believe his name was) was a closeted born-again Christian. She finds the idea of Jesus being the Messiah hard to swallow and against everything every member of her family lived and lost their lives for. True, she loved Moshe. He not only saved her from a suicide-by-drowning but knows what she been through and who she was. But nobody understood how wrong the Beatles were when they sing “Love is all you need” more than the Jews. So she goes home to ponder over things.

There, she comes across a quilt made by her grand mother, a Palestinian Muslim. An embroidery everybody thus far felt was all color and no meaning. Alas, it had meaning. In the stitches, words and images were woven. Words and images that tell the story of a Savior: from his tears in the Garden of Gethsemane, to his crucifixion, to his resurrection. By the time she was done deciphering meaning from the quilt, her face was covered with tears. Etcetera etcetera “and they all lived happily ever after”.

So the first thing I did when I heard Israel was bombing “key Hamas offices” was go to read how the Palestinian women were taking the news. There wasn’t much on it. Obviously the Jews control the internet too πŸ™‚ . But I found the following: Miley Cyrus gives her thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Have a delightful weekend.

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