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Which describes u best?

How often do you use the “Help” button on your computer? Or atleast, which do you use more: “Help” or “Search”?

I hit the “Search” button atleast once a morning. Being one of those people who know whatever has been done by man can be done or undone by man; whatever suffering borne, can be borne; that nothing is new under the sun, nothing personal, that even those things “at hearing which both our ears tingle” nowadays (homosexuality, incest, beastilia – in short all those deviant behaviors the internet helped flourish) has been taking place since biblical times; I have little doubt as to what I am capable of accomplishing. So.. I’d break it down, if I must, to pieces. But I usually end up fixing it. I ain’t a risk taker, no way no how. I’ll never mess around with the bulb without asking if somebody has “keQotari matfaat” it atleast three times. Neither do I climb to the roof without having half the villager support the ladder. But I have a good eye for problems (without being told, when it comes to human problems), and usually find myself lucky with the solution.

Ofcourse, there are self-imposed boundaries I don’t generally cross. I, for example, let the professionals handle when it comes to those things I can’t afford to replace. They gotta be replaceable. Or stuff I can get by without. Or atleast have something to use in their stead: A “Gaz midija” in place of the electric stove you are too lazy to take to the repair shop. A laptop instead of the VCD player whose “head” needs a changing. A book or a hobby that makes the courageous act of saying “no thanks, I’ll pass” to the kind of people or addiction you no longer want to be around worth it.

Two weeks ago, my husband sent my brother and sister an iPod each for Christmas. “Read the manual and tell me what to do”, I ordered them afterwards. They read the manual and told me each iPod needs to be charged for 4 hours before doing anything or is messed up for good. I had the computer, they didn’t. So they begged, threatened and warned me not to disconnect the iPods until each showed a green signal. “Trust me..”, was my confident response, “I could do it on my head!”. (more…)

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