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Final post – for now

Been pondering over what my last post from Addis should be like for a few days now. As I felt sharing my 30+ years experience as an abesheet, my hopes and dreams for it, a note of thanks to my readers, etcetera, was in order. However, nothing seems to surface, except one.

You don’t need me telling you, I know, how the reason for blogging differs from one blogger to another. Some blog to tell the world about the joys of Motherhood. About Two Moms being better than one. About Mean Beans, Cats & Pixelated Minds. They even blog about other people’s babies and become “Top Worpdress Blogs of the Day”. [Not judging, only observing. Speaking of judgement, has anybody caught Filmmaker Haile Gerima’s interview with ETV on Adwa Dill?! Now that’s what I call “liKliKachinin menGer” .. “and then some”] . hailye_ger

I started blogging, as most of you know or will learn after reading “Abt Z Box”, so I could have a place to vent my rage in. This I did. With my teeth sunk in my lips and my heart beating against my ribs with an over-flowing passion my lack of fluency in the English language always checked; I questioned, mused-over and ridiculed those aspects of our lives I felt calls for questioning, musing-over and ridicule. Aspects I saw, and still see, as inexcusable. Aspects whose logic I failed to decipher. Aspects I misunderstood or misunderstood me. It was a trip I never expected to get me anywhere, except for providing me with a momentary relief so I do not have to go to bed angry.

But it did! It helped me come across people who, unlike the country men & women I live/work/go to school with, took time to explain why things are the way they are. It helped me be more sensitive to the plights of the less fortunate the angry voices in my head had thus far blocked out. It created a more responsible individual, I’d like to think, who is less pious but ever so more eager to learn out of me. But the best part of what My e-Shoe Box did for me is, it helped me see things. Things of beauty. Things of tranquility. Things more noble and intricate than what my painfully insufficient vocabulary is able to express. Things… Ethiopian!!. A destination worth the journey, as they say.

[Don’t think so? Bite me 🙂 .]

So this is an affectionate message of “good bye, I’d miss you, Au Revoir” to all those people and things I’ll miss from home. (more…)

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