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Seriously.. God.. why?!

With the approach of Easter, both Discovery Channel and History.Com have been trying to win audience by “Christening” it up a bit. Saturday morning was talking about “The Apocalypse”, which I learned actually means “revelation”/”to reveal” instead of the Doomsday I understood it to be. At 8:00pm/7c, it went through every word in the bible to look for evidences on the eternal battle between “God vs. Satan”. Sunday morning we had a historical account on the nature of “Angels: Good or Evil”. Yesterday afternoon, Discovery channel had three consecutive programs based on the bible: the Ten Commandments (whether they can be scientifically proven or not — surprise surprise they can!!); whether the “Shroud of Turin” (the linen cloth Jesus’ body was supposed to have been covered with at the time of his “death”) is real or a medieval forgery and finally looked into what Jesus’ life must have been like with regard to the socio-economic affairs of the time.

“The Anti-Christ” has been airing on History Channel for the last hour or so. The source, apart from interviews with various theological professors is, ofcourse, “Left Behind”. The “man of lawlessness” has been discussed in great measures. How charismatic he would be, how he’d start off by preaching peace, then gains everybody’s trust (to the point where Israelites & Palestinians lay down their arms and rebuild the temple; can’t say fairer than that) and how, on the third day, he’d “drop his fangs”. He’d give up pretension and reveal his true colors. From then on, you are given one of two choices: you bow or you die. Until Christ comes, cross hand, to the rescue!

Here is a summary of things that precede Christ’ return:

  • The appearance of the Anti-C
  • The Gospel being preached to all nations
  • A time of great tribulation
  • The coming of false prophets showing signs and wonders
  • Great wonders in the heavens
  • The Salvation of Israel

And a little something from:


Did you sigh a sigh of relief? Not so fast! The second-coming isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning! A beginning from which “Nobody would have been left alive if Jesus didn’t appear at this juncture”. Before the show down: Christ rules the world for 1,000 years. Satan escapes bondage (apparently, nobody paid this part of the bible any attention). Armageddon, from Har-Megiddo, a lavish plain located in Israel, would then be fought (I wonder what it would be fought with; nuclear weapons or good ole “torina gasha”, “Feresina BeQlo”, “beGenna ena Mesenko”?). Then “the judgment” would be upon us.

My question: Why all the drama?

I mean we have all heard how God is eternal. How there is no beginning nor an end to him. Alpha and Omega and what not. So he’s bound to have some time in his hands he won’t know what to do with. So some sort of “teWnet” is to be expected. Why does this drama have to come at our expense though? Wouldn’t it be far more wise and merciful (two qualities we’ve been told God is richly endowed with) to simply cut to the chase and put an end to it already?!

Just wondering!

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