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Oh.. Young love!

Writing on the sidewalk infront of KAHOOTS Pet Store (334 W El Norte Pkwy Escondido, CA)
Scott heart's Heidi


“The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, but it did not collapse because its foundation was on the rock.


Scott’s love for Heidi was stronger than his ability to spell her name correctly.

May 27, 2009 at 3:01 am 2 comments

DTBaS, the sequel

We have talked about the row between Zemari Muluken Melese and Artist Bizuayehu Demissie under the post Daddy’s too big a shoe.

First, an explanation:
The expression “walking in daddy’s shoes” shows a younger person’s desire, attempt or tendency to walk the way his/her father walked. “Be in his shadows”, so to say. Live his life. Behave his behaviors. Earn his rewards. It usually is a futile attempt at being bigger than self. For daddy would always be older, wouldn’t he?! Unless your mother is a cougar, married her toy-boy boyfriend who just happens to be younger than you yet expects you to see him as a “fatherly figure”, call him “dad” even, and you were the extremely obliging type. That is the way i understood the daddy shoe idiom/syndrome/whathaveyou, and that’s why i chose it for a title. [Feel free to disagree, but beMereja].

Bizuayehu Demissie is young, talented and (more importantly) ambitious. He sees himself as capable of singing. Singing, of all things, Muluken Melese’s songs the way the Idol did once. He believes he can get enough market for it too. Muluken, as we learned from his interview with VOA Amharic Service, does not think so.

And why am i bringing it up now?! Because I think it’s about time we voted on it and moved on. [And because Mazzi, God bless her heart, sent me Bizuayehu’s re-makes for a “Medeberia”. And because zSHARE has been so kind as to allow me upload it].

If you, therefore, haven’t already come across them, herebelow are a total of 12 (10 of Bizuayehu’s, two by Anteneh AbatuManew) remakes of Muluken Meles’s oldies goodies [or goldies] that made me view his songs with a new eye. The titles are self-explanatory so i would not dwell on them. But I’d dwell on one thing. The video I found on Daveox Space when googling for photos of the young Artist. It reads:

Let us respect the copyrights of our Ethiopian artists, recording artists and poets. Let us always buy the original products of their works, instead of asking for copies or duplicating and distributing them for free, for our artists need money to keep up with their creative works. By buying their original products, we are contributing and supporting them indirectly morally and financially to come up with more exciting ideas. So let us get conscious.

If you can’t see the irony in that, I don’t think you’d be able to see irony if it sits on your lap and calls you “mama” (“dadda” or whatever name ironies call their family members by when sitting on their lap).

Yene Qonjo, Yene Alem, Yebirhan Kokeb, Tizita, Tizez BeGelaye, Misikir Eyaye, BeGilts BaDebaBai, Endet Lichalew, Embwa Zebider, Che Belew, BerG’t Agegnesh woy and last, but not least, (oh maybe a little) Anteneh’s Kemekem & Emb’wa Bey Lamitu.


May 22, 2009 at 10:10 pm 3 comments

Sara ist das neue Topmodel!

Here is a piece of information my friend Daniel, who once lived in Germany, sent me. Felt I should post everything for maxium effect 😉 :

By the way, yemitekim information bayhonim for someone like me who meketatel germany’s media online, it is surely des yilal. Germany’s Top Model, which is presented by the well known model Heidi Klum of Germany, ended yeserday. The winner is an ethiopian-born girl, Sara Nuru. Have a look at her at this link:

Video link

The Article, with a little help from google, reads:

SARA is the new top model!

It was so exciting! Three hours long fought the “Germany’s Next Top Model ‘finalists for the title. It was exhausting, it was exciting, it was a head-to-head racing! Finally, the jury of Heidi Klum, and Peyman Amin Rolf Schneider decided:

SARA is the new top model!

The 19-year-old could not believe it, immediately broke into tears.

And then: Warf they only look at moms arms …

Heidi after the show to its decision: “In Sara, we have a special sparkle in the eyes. She has a great figure, a great charisma – and is still nice! ”

And Sara overjoyed to BILD: “I can not grasp – I had so often during the show, the feeling is not to create.”

Sara Nuru is the winner – from over 21 000 candidates! About three months of hard work and competition are behind her. Now she has done it.

Your price: A title-shooting with the German “Cosmopolitan,” a new car and advertising contracts with C & A and the cosmetics company Maybelline Jade (together with a value of 200 000 euros). Moreover beckons an international career as a top model …

Hmmm.. I wonder what a feeling that “is not to create” like 🙂 . Indescribable? Unimaginable? Unearthly?!

May 22, 2009 at 3:05 pm 17 comments

I, the hypocrite

Speaking of truth being crucified, who watched American Idol last night? I did, because the news anchor woman on SanDiego6 was going frantic with worry over who will take the prize (Lambert, apparently, hails from “America’s Finest City”).

“I know this guy”, I said to myself when the man behind the frenzy appeared on the screen, “it’s the tranny all those school girls were going crazy over the other day. Why not watch it and see what happens?”. So I lingered around way after “The Simpsons” was over. Needless to say, I was rooting for the other guy. The clean shaved, Freddie Prinze Jr.-look alike Alen who appears even shorter next to his fellow finalist. What’s more, i can clearly see how the heavily-made up Lambert made it so far (and why those annoying little girls were screaming their guts out for him). He was good! He has a presence! Some body! Some voice. If after seeing him on the street, you don’t turn to look at him again and aren’t haunted by his looks, then you are one of those fatherly figures who don’t see where you are going [my dad never did]. So i rooted for the dim figure beside him. I am Ethiopian [after all], I feel gays could be “straightened” out with a simple wag of the finger. I also have a soft spot for a lost cause, and a soccer team whose players run mechanically around only out of pride.

Near the end, ofcourse, my heart was torn between the two. I wanted the best man to win. But I didn’t want the winner to come with ‘tiFFir Qelem”. So i tried to sooth the rotten feeling with a typical “Brokeback Mountain” argument. I told myself this just wasn’t the time to make a homo/bi/transsexual guy an “Idol”. Remember your new best friends, I asked me. The Republicans?! And their conservative friends? They won’t take this lying down. No sir they won’t! And that would be one more can of worms this government can’t afford to open. “He’d understand”, i concluded, “coming this far is a victory by itself for someone like him”. “He chose to be gay, that’s what sealed his fate”. “All of us pay for our choices, after all”. “Etc”.

Alas, none of it made me feel any better.

Would it have been easier if i weren’t born with a consciousness? Or that i, like many around me, didn’t live by double standards?!

Adam Lamber’s Duet with Susan Boyle

May 21, 2009 at 9:53 pm 3 comments

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