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I watched this video on Police Program a few days before I came here. Inspite of the hustle of last minute details of: Bett MasreKebing, NiBret MaKefafeling, document authenticating and keeping lunch dates with colleagues and families alike, the story haunted my thought. I kept trying to imagine how dumb you must be to credit an Adobe-photo-shopped-picture of a guy flying in the sky as legit. I thought of the celebrities who wrote songs in reverence to his name and the officials who bowed before him. The husbands whose wives were raped and the young men who lost their job, their credibility, their sanity – right down to their boots in his service. And those that died. “You gotta give the bible a credit”, I thought over and over, “if for nothing else, for it’s proper diagnosis. The love of money is indeed the root of all evils”.

The song, suitably entitled “EyanGwalele”, however, I found hard to explain away. It kept me awake at night — to the point of fearing there may be some truth in this guy’s ability to read minds. I stared imagining a presence in my room, having that creeping feeling of being watched, the hair on my neck stood on end. Wild imagination and a vulnerability to phobia aside, you must admit there is something disturbing about the song. Something sickly fascinating. Something definitely unholy.

I neither had free internet access, nor the time to sit and blog about it. So I told my devout protestant friend Muluken Mamo, I said to him “you guys are gonne write about this and when that article comes out, make sure you sent it to me”. He promised he will. This morning, he was able to keep his promise. So herebelow is EnQu magazine’s article about Tamrat Geleta.

ENTER — on your own accord 🙂 .


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