DTBaS, the sequel

May 22, 2009 at 10:10 pm 3 comments

We have talked about the row between Zemari Muluken Melese and Artist Bizuayehu Demissie under the post Daddy’s too big a shoe.

First, an explanation:
The expression “walking in daddy’s shoes” shows a younger person’s desire, attempt or tendency to walk the way his/her father walked. “Be in his shadows”, so to say. Live his life. Behave his behaviors. Earn his rewards. It usually is a futile attempt at being bigger than self. For daddy would always be older, wouldn’t he?! Unless your mother is a cougar, married her toy-boy boyfriend who just happens to be younger than you yet expects you to see him as a “fatherly figure”, call him “dad” even, and you were the extremely obliging type. That is the way i understood the daddy shoe idiom/syndrome/whathaveyou, and that’s why i chose it for a title. [Feel free to disagree, but beMereja].

Bizuayehu Demissie is young, talented and (more importantly) ambitious. He sees himself as capable of singing. Singing, of all things, Muluken Melese’s songs the way the Idol did once. He believes he can get enough market for it too. Muluken, as we learned from his interview with VOA Amharic Service, does not think so.

And why am i bringing it up now?! Because I think it’s about time we voted on it and moved on. [And because Mazzi, God bless her heart, sent me Bizuayehu’s re-makes for a “Medeberia”. And because zSHARE has been so kind as to allow me upload it].

If you, therefore, haven’t already come across them, herebelow are a total of 12 (10 of Bizuayehu’s, two by Anteneh AbatuManew) remakes of Muluken Meles’s oldies goodies [or goldies] that made me view his songs with a new eye. The titles are self-explanatory so i would not dwell on them. But I’d dwell on one thing. The video I found on Daveox Space when googling for photos of the young Artist. It reads:

Let us respect the copyrights of our Ethiopian artists, recording artists and poets. Let us always buy the original products of their works, instead of asking for copies or duplicating and distributing them for free, for our artists need money to keep up with their creative works. By buying their original products, we are contributing and supporting them indirectly morally and financially to come up with more exciting ideas. So let us get conscious.

If you can’t see the irony in that, I don’t think you’d be able to see irony if it sits on your lap and calls you “mama” (“dadda” or whatever name ironies call their family members by when sitting on their lap).

Yene Qonjo, Yene Alem, Yebirhan Kokeb, Tizita, Tizez BeGelaye, Misikir Eyaye, BeGilts BaDebaBai, Endet Lichalew, Embwa Zebider, Che Belew, BerG’t Agegnesh woy and last, but not least, (oh maybe a little) Anteneh’s Kemekem & Emb’wa Bey Lamitu.


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Sara ist das neue Topmodel! Oh.. Young love!

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  • 1. Sara  |  May 24, 2009 at 6:50 am

    “Zemari Muluken Melese and ARTIST Bizuayehu Demissie”
    Just for consideration.
    I don’t have anything against the Zemari title but big time with second one.ARTIST bezuyehu!
    It just doesnt’ say what it does and i am sure this guy isn’t kelem kebi.

  • 2. Mazzi  |  May 24, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Selam Abesheet,

    I am adding two more re-makes of MuluQen Zefenoch from my collection by Elsa ‘Abatwamanew’ and Natti ‘Abatumanew’ :-).

    (Elsa – Aynema Wodajih)

    (Natti – Wassa Megena)

    Hope your readers are enjoying these ‘goldies’ as you called them as much as I have. Be-MuluQen kezefen alem meTfat on account of becoming PenTe kene belay yetegoda yelem. I have always loved Muluqen’s songs. That is why I was more than happy to buy the re-makes shared here by various artists.

    Btw, the irony of the disclaimer posted on Daveox Space along with Bezuayehu Demissei’s video for ‘Yene Qonjo’ re-make of MuluQen’s song is simply priceless ;-).


  • 3. abesheet  |  May 24, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    Buy?! I didn’t know you bought them, Mazzi. I thought you just found them lying around and took pity of them 🙂 . Wow, my ‘misGana’ would have been much longer than a few words, had I known you bought them. Geta Yibarkish Abo!

    I don’t have anything against the Zemari title but big time with second one.ARTIST bezuyehu!
    It just doesnt’ say what it does and i am sure this guy isn’t kelem kebi.

    Welcome Sara.
    The point you touched upon, the “Artist” qitsil that we tend to give to anyone involved in the media, nobody is bothered by that than me. There won’t be many that would fulfil all the requirements, aydel, if we got down to it? On the other hand, the word “Zefagn” (like that other word “Azmari”) has a very biased, bible-rooted, connotation to it. Which is why “chewanet” forbids me from using it. However, it’s good that you brought it up. Gave me something to think about, and smile over. Not just because “Qelem Qebi” isn’t a word you come across every day, but because it reminds me this “limich” of an old man, “Gash Sibhat” was his name, that everybody referred to as “Shiw shiw” from my girlhood. He was the best damn “Qelem Qebi” the world has seen, but started too many projects a time that he never had time to finish them. So we used to be sent to his house like 5 times a day. “Qelemu derQoaaal… aymetum woy biloal abaaaye”, etc. When he came of his own accord, and swore THIS WAS the day in which he’d put the finishing touch, my mother would fix him something, something that worried her would spoil the “gulbet serategnoch” to the point where they would “sira mabelashet –yeQere elet”, in an attempt to stay him. He ate the “anebAbero”, drunk the coffee, “mezgen” the fendisha; excused himself to smoke and .. well .. that was it for the day 🙂 .

    Good days, those were.

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