The fairgrounds

I was at the 2009 San Diego County Fair at Del Mar Fairgrounds the other day. I saw a couple of things I only knew on tv (the fun-zone where you get to ride some pretty scary machines, banjee-jump or walk into the “house of horror” and have your childhood nightmares come to life). None of this, ofcourse, can be compared to the thrill of seeing a handful of fellow fair-ers who look — well — Ethiopian. One or two of them even had a bag or a hat with a “green/yellow/red” color on it. I didn’t have the guts to approach them and ask “abesha neh/nesh?”. Apparently, they didn’t too.

Wished you were here, Babi and Blen. For now, though, check out my mobile-collection of:

The outside scenery

The “dibab” in the show rooms:

The display chest:

A fellow immigrant:

The colorful collections, my favorite:

The “Music Mania” Section, Chris’:

The things I didn’t get to do when young:

And the life size stuffed lion’s cub Chris won me to compensate for it :cool::

It’s already getting cozy with the mouse 😉 .

3 thoughts on “The fairgrounds

  1. An immigrant rock indeed. `It must have been a nice surprise when you see it among the collections. Also, congra on your the cub. it looks like human child taking his first computer `lesson` ~_~

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