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Of boyz and men

After hearing the bad news of my favorite newspaper not being published back home anymore, and that my favorite journalists were on the run; I made my way to the facebook profile of one of these journalists. To mastezazen, you know. The way you do at “leQso bet”s. To shake the head, to suck the lips, to dig for info. To ask “meche, endet, weldowal?!”. And, like most leQso bett visits, i came out hardly able to contain my laughter.

The source of this [cruel, inappropriate, uninvited] amusement is the words this journalist friend chose to show his online status with. It read:

Cursed to think. Cursed to speak. Cursed to be born in a place where you cant think or speak. Cursed not to bow down. Cursed to be surrounded by those who master the art of bowing down. Me and my kinds In Ethiopia are truly BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN.

Call it what you will:

Lacking in precision (I mean, “can’t think”?!)

[I called it “heavy”. Too heavy to try & read into at 7:19 a.m, before a girl had her morning fill of Folgers’ classic roast — not that light-brown “special” thingy which tastes like a perfume]

But you can’t help notice, for a facebook status, it is too melodramatic. And like all melodramas, it seems laden with seeds of, dare i say it?, insincerity! Like a fit a cousin would throw at the sight of you, about being robbed on a minibus, before you even have a chance to say howdy and demand she return the money she swore she’d give back this morning. Making you wanna apologize and slither out with a heart-felt “you don’t have to explain it to me, Sile/Netsa/Enu. Honest you don’t! I believe you [–were scared of being thrown in jail, and would have never dreamed of coming to America, and garner the privileges dished out to persecuted journalists, if it weren’t for that fear].

Now a line from Forrest Gump:

There was this man, giving a little talk. And for some reason, he was wearing an American flag for a shirt… and he liked to say the “F” word. A lot. “F” this and “F” that. And every time… he said “F” word, people, for some reason, well, they’d cheer.

Welcome to the great US and A, guys. Enjoy your first few weeks :-).

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