To all the loonies..

November 28, 2012 at 2:40 am 2 comments

Here is what i want to say:

“Your madness doesn’t affect me. So stop acting crazy.”

Alright. Maybe a little background…:

If you have made a habit of walking in “downtown” seattle, or 3rd avenue to be exact, the “highway” (so to say) for buses and pedestrians – pretty girls in dresses, young men in heavy-over coats – both pre-occupied with their phone, and an assortment of bums – always carrying a back-pack; you are bound to come across 3 types of crazies.

1. The awQo abed
Blacks, mostly. Drunk/high/homeless. They are loud and cursing around the clock. Attention, as is always the case with this kind, is the goal. But show-manship comes first. They throw fits, as well as whatever it is they are carrying, which they never leave behind. When they can’t scare you, they aren’t ashamed to switch gear and politely ask for money or cigarette. Or mutter “crazy bitch!”, perhaps chuckle nervously, [or dismissively to them] and retire to private life were you to suddenly go bat-shit crazy on them. They are uncharacteristically chummy with the cops. Sweet on the ladies. And, if ever their mouth was to get them into trouble, be prepared to make it on their witness-for-the-defense list.

2. The Sai’yawQ abed
Majorly whites. Young to middle aged to old. They are dressed properly, except for a rush on the neck or a weird odor coming from some place deep in their skin. You find them on buses, at bus stopes and public libraries. They are fidgiting, or some part of their body is fidgiting. They are suspicious or neurotic, obsessively compulsive about their “space”, the position of things and/or people. Some don’t like to have any part of their body to be touched by anything except the wind. Or any part of their belongings to be passed by-save for the said wind. Were they to get wedged between two passengers, God forbid, parts of their body [arm, leg, eyes, neck.. shoulder] would develop a will of its own and start following an unattractive rythum. They are mostly harmless, save for themselves. But can be annoying as shit.

3. The criminally insane.
3.1. The ones off their meds:
The type that shrieks, and make even the strongest retro-man jump out of his sit, in a quite bus-full of people. The kind that runs and slams herself against a wall for no apparent reason. The kind that walks around arguing with herself or abusing others without provocation or defaces public property with something that isn’t mud. The type you don’t wanna look in the eye unless you want to have insults or spit hurled against the side of your face. People who have been through some harsh ordeal in their lives, may or may not be deformed, but definitely off their rockers.

3.2. The ones who should be on meds:
Normal to the outer world – maybe holding a shitty job and/or going to school. These are the kind that go on the internet, or stalk you after meeting you on or offline, to talk about – say – how the Tuscan shooting was staged to help the government achieve some hidden – demonic – end or other. Have all kinds of theories about what a government is and isn’t doing, the “is” outweighing the “isn’t”. [Theories only a child and the truly deranged would accept as true]. The kind that acts like he’d listen to reason but goes mental were you to suggest that he was being paranoid or should seek help. The kind you would one day see on your tv screen as “the alleged” shooter who knelt on the ground when the cops got to him, put a gun to his head, and became a victim of suicide : – ). The murdering type – the type you should never dismiss with a laughter unless you want that laughter to haunt you for the rest of your life.

All these colorful characters, none of them pleasant, would be a part of your walk [at any time of day] or ride [at peak hours] on third avenue. Except for the ones on #3, the kind you would wanna quicken your step from or call the FBI on, here is what you wanna say:


… you know that already.

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This god, this one word: “I.” I’m a “D” student

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  • 1. andthree  |  December 5, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    in the words of nas, everybody’s crazy.

    only difference maybe the duration.

  • 2. Ebdu  |  December 16, 2012 at 3:26 am

    Call me crazy, but seattle feels like my kind of place. I will be quite at home there ^_^

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