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For Babi..

Once upon a time..

There was Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. And 7th day. On that day… the King finished His work which He had made; and He rested. From His throne, He had a good view of the garden. In the garden were His two favorite handiwork: Man [whom He called “Adam”], and Steve [short for Stephanie] whom the King decided should be Adam’s mate; for they were both of age and it was a matter of time.

He wasn’t given to much talking, this King wasn’t. He was a man of few words. But if He was given to talking, He would have admitted [with a dead-on Australian accent] that He was rather proud of these two. He doubts even he, He would have added, [for – not being the sort for the need to throw his weight about – it wouldn’t have occurred to him to capitalize “h”] could top this one! And so.. He leaned back, watching them with fondest eyes. Not like a stalker though, rather like a proud mother. A mother who is both excited and fascinated by her new baby; as if she couldn’t believe THAT bundle of joy and that source of mystery came out her. He was so cozy He would have fallen asleep, if it weren’t for an angel nudging Him. “What ho”, He thought, when He saw Stephanie creeping around as if she was about to do something she didn’t want to be seen doing.

“The snake!”, the servant closest to Him has groaned, and that was all the information the King needed.

He watched her, fascinated, almost daring her to do what He knew she shouldn’t dare do. Take the apple, give it a rub, and sink her teeth into it. But, to His surprise, she did. She didn’t spit it out either. She took a couple more bites and went looking for Adam to “share the good news”. And Adam.. Oh Adam.. Adam went for it.

He wasn’t surprised. But He was disappointed; not so much at the disobedience but rather at the betrayal! The fact that she [and then he] would credit the words of another over His, their ever-loving; ever well-meaning Master-designer.

“Well.. well”, the King thought, with not a little disappointment. “So that’s how it is, is it? They want to take the apple and eat it too, then? Take their ‘destiny’ into their own hands? They want to discover new things.. search for wisdoms.. and make decisions, regardless of what I have to say about it. Instead of heeding to my advice, they want to see if the fire really burneth, do they?!. Well then..” He said resignedly, “Let it be.”

A servant was dispatched to take care of it, at which interval the King sat discontentedly on His throne, deep in thought. He decided just driving Adam and Steve out of the garden wasn’t enough. He doesn’t want to appear soft, no man in His position does; but He was hurt. His pride was hurt. And in His agony, He murmured “And when they spread out their hands in prayer, I will hide my eyes from them; and their children’s children. Yes, even though they multiply prayers, as they themselves multiply, I will not listen. For they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them, I shall no longer be their King; but a witness to their inequities, a judge!”

Now here is something you don’t wanna do when you are an all mighty King. You don’t want to make rush decisions you won’t allow yourself to go back on. You don’t want to make those decisions in the hearing of servants, scribes and what not. And, more importantly, you don’t want to go to bed angry. The King has done all that that First Sunday. And with a righteous-reputation to protect .. well.. He was kind of stuck now, wasn’t He?!

That doesn’t mean He regrets His decision. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, He will tell you that. And Adam and Steve, and their children’s children, have not shown themselves capable of an obedience not brought about by the fear of the rod. Alas.. He has gotta admit.. He misses them. Rather.. the memory of them.. the way they were – He and them both – before the fall. Their complete dependence on Him. The bright innocence with which they discovered all the beauty He surrounded them with. The fact that they knew He was always there when they need Him. Their loss wasn’t His gain. Plus.. it can get pretty lonely up here.

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