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If I Coulda, I Woulda

The following is in answer to all those who ask me:

When I’m going home to visit my family.
[Without the humiliation of telling my two dozens cousins, and/or their kids, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” when they show up, smiling and expectant, to say “Enkuwan LeAgerish abeQash”]

Why I’m not going to school.
[While also paying for my rent. Keeping my sanity, my hours and the man I am in a relationship with].

Which I’m going to do first: Petition my sister or bring my parents to visit.
[Without committing a crime – bank robbery .. lying on my taxes; or doing something illegal – prostitution.. being paid to marry somebody LeVisa or marrying somebody LeMoney].

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Living a little – A LOT!

You have heard the expression, “live a little”. There won’t be a more appropriate expression especially when you are pulling an “abesha” and start trying to save on, say, a paper towel by waiting for it to dry before applying it to a wet surface. Or when you roll your eyes at the price of a plate of raw fish that looks like a smidge on an otherwise clean and fancy plate.

“Live a little!”, you are told, “[spend that money, take that risk, break loose from that bondage – and go crazy – for once]. Yetabatu! zelalem ayinor“.

But what happens when you live a little – a lot!? When “living a little” becomes the rule instead of the exception and the “beal” treat becomes an “azebot” regular you pile on yourself with the vigor of a ram let loose in the mountains [a death-row inmate walking feet-deep in sand?! Or an Ethiopian finding himself infront of a buffet full of fancy food and nobody to watch him eat]. What happens when your plate no longer tastes good without that extra spoon of butter?! When Starbuck’s Caffè Americano becomes the drug you can’t start your day without?! When a weekend doesn’t feel like a weekend without a party to go to?!

Do you live, the way I do, in guilt – waiting for the day you’d be forced to pay for it [by God, or whoever holds the ledger on sins and excesses] with “tirff”?!

Or do you become American: entitled, dissatisfied and always pushing the envelope a little bit further?!

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