Foisting my story on the world – yet again

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Haile Selassie Mehari/Mahri ወደ Amharic endeአልteregomew.

መታሰቢያነቱ ለSeble: For how much you disliked Barbara Hare; and how much I loved her.

Photo Courtesy of Blen Tilahun.

Chapter 1: The Lady Isabel
Chapter 2: The Broken cross
Chapter 3: Barbara Hare
Chapter 4: The Moonlight Interview
Chapter 5: Mr. Carlyle’s Office
Chapter 6: Richard Hare, the Younger

Continue listening to the audio-book or read the Unabridged version of Mrs. Henry Wood’s, East Lynne online. Or watch an older free version of the movie hereunder and try not to be too upset with how “plain Jane” the character who plays Barbara is.


For those of you who need some “greens” with your “Sabela”s, check out my latest book The Ethiopian on Amazon Kindle.


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A cup of coffee, a sink-full of dirty dishes, a mournful look out the window… #AbiyAhmed, Dr.

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