Another white man mispronounces Negus [Nəgūś] as “Niggas”

July 11, 2018 at 5:45 am Leave a comment

First there was this adhesive-fireexit-signs-37806-lg retarded kid:

Followed by the retraded judge from the spelling bee.

Then all these posts on google search trying to find a correlation between the word “Negus” and “Niggas”.

Even a Nick Cannon video entitled “The Real Niggas Versus the Real Negus”

[Then again, “what do you expect from a one dollar dish”, as Seble, my college class-mate, used to say]

Now it is someone you’d have thought would do his homework before going ahead and insulting a whole nation of people on national TV: One Alex Trebek from Jeopardy!.

So … the difference between a Nigger and a Nəgūś

A Nəgūś has head of states and royalties bow to him, the way Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip did for Ethiopia’s Emperor, Haileseassie I:

A “Nigger”, adhesive-fireexit-signs-37806-lg, on the other hand, wears bling and diamond grillz, marries a fat white chic, and begetts mixed-race children who are lazy, fat, and entitled.


If that.


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Year Nine: I am a changed woman Mother, dare I?

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