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When they say it is “treatable”

It still means you’d lose the breast.

You would have to get radiation therapy for up to 6 weeks, from Monday to Friday

You’d be going through chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or hormone therapy

And that the cancer may still return.

You can choose that, if living means so much to you.

Or you can do what the writer of this post is planning to do: keep the breast, both the ailing and the ticking time bomb next to it, and not do any of the therapies; try to live life to the fullest [or the only way you know how], visit the places you can, read the books you have always wanted to; drink, smoke, and fornicate [if you ever got in the mood, that is] when the anxiety becomes overwhelming; and hope you have a solid five years before the cancer breaks through the skin and/or destroys your kidney and liver, and you are forced to tell your mom what you did.

Remember getting treatment may let you live another day [albeit in a deformed, toxic body], but it still doesn’t protect you from being hit by a car, getting shot by a stray bullet, earth quake/wild fire/or any one of those charming calamities Global Warming causes to the world around you.

So, your choice!

Whatever you decided to do, however, make sure you treat everyone with compassion, fight for and donate to noble causes [like an Ebola fund in West Africa, or migrants at the Mexican border], and that you watch a butt-load of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix. For it is funny.

Correction: It is “dense like dying stars”

To watch the video, and many more videos from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” go to:

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