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Space 2022: Invasion of the Cartoons

I watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa for the nth time last night. I don’t know if it’s the voices of those comedians I adore (Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, David Shwimmer; in that order), all the jokes, or the fact that I have truly madly and deeply fallen in love with, and can’t get enough of, co-producer Tom McGrath’s character (Skipper, the Penguin) in the movie that captivated the abesheet heart.

But I watch it so much (twice an evening sometimes) that it’s become a dinner-preparation routine: I start chopping when they start ‘movin’. Afterwards, I go to the video shop next door to get one more movie for “tonight-after school”. The owner is a cute 20 something with a shaggy dread locks full of ideals & God-knows-what. He goes to my good friend Biruk’s video shop, Otherwise known as ‘Biruk Video’, which distributs most of the latest movies in Addis, only on Wednesday and stays open until those who asked for certain movies showed up. “Bolt” (another cartoon film) seem to be what’s left.

Now, Cartoons used to be a strictly children affair, when only Walt Disney made them and they were based on fairy tales. Enter the area of 3D animations, with Pixar as the forerunner, and the story of cartoons movies changed. Cartoons become as good, or even better, as the real life movies. And why not, when:

  • They appeal to both children and adults
  • You can sneak your agenda (Sacha Baron Cohen character’s dancing “I’m a lady, I’m a lady everyone, I’m a lady. Not really.. it’s me, King Julian! Which of you is attracted to me?” wearing fake breasts) without offending anybody with indecency
  • You need neither an in-built studio or an actual location to film it. And, most importantly,
  • When you can have cartoon characters do things for you neither real life animals nor actors & actresses, and sometimes stunt men, can’t. Or won’t (like bare their breasts, for example. A cartoon porn featuring Angelina Jolie wouldn’t just sell in millions but is likely to fulfil many a young man’s fantacy)

Which, naturally, would make one wonder: Would a day come in which Cartoons would replace real life actors? Kind of like machines taking over human’s jobs?!

This is a question that’s been weiging on my mind ever since I saw how the characters actually resemble the real-life actors doing their voice on “The Polar Express” and “Beowulf”. What is there to stop Hollywood movie-makers to yet improvise the motions, make the faces look more expressive and make cartoon films look & feel like the real deal?. The dough they would be saving, not to mention the creative challenge, would no doubt be tempting.

Now I know that’s what everybody believed e-businesses would do until that prophesy proved a no-no. But you gotta wonder, with animtors like Pixel around and the ever growing number of “D”s out there (IMAX 3D, Real D, standard 2D), if actors won’t become history in the not-so-distant future. Ex, as in New York Knicks!

~ Rotten Tomatoe Critiques’ take of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
~ Somebody else’s Madagascar I’s favorite movies quotes.

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December 18, 2008 at 9:00 am 29 comments


The Jews run the world (until the Gays, led by Perez Hilton, take over, that is). Need a proof?! Catch the next episode of South Park on Comedy Central and there you would see:

  • How Christianity could be crucified, again and again, maliciously and unchecked
  • How a smear-campaign, that may involve but isn’t limited to actual feces, is launched against those celebrities who have said anything mildly against the Jews or Judaism
  • How smart, daring and sensible Jews are

On the other hand, anybody standing for anything worth standing for (an anti-smoking activism, an attempt to have a family unfriendly show taken off air, etc) the creator/writers don’t believe in is made the butt of a cruel joke.

All would not have been lost if the writer/creators stopped defacing everything on their way and gave us 1 insight into life/people/human nature. The way that fabulous television sitcom “The Simpsons” did. The way “Family Guy” is trying to do. The way all good works of Art who are not trying to get publicity by simply being crude do. No, the one consistent theme in the movie, next to undeserved attack and gore, seems to be “being fat” means “being dumb and evil”. Fat and fart, a bad comedian’s last resort.

Aside the obvious irony of a country whose 2/3rds of citizens are said to be Obese having a seemingly unappeasable hunger for “fat jokes”, I’d like to know how nobody seems to dare acknowledge the big Jew elephant in the room. How, when a Jew is the perpetrator, everyone shuffles his/her shoe; scratches his/her head and looks away. From the bombing of Gaza to a Jew Comedian starting an affair with an under-age girl 21 years his junior, it’s never “wrong”. Never “pedophilia”. It’s “self defense”; “an existentialist question”; “Seinfeld is [still] a child within. And she was too mature for her age”.

Isn’t that the same “goy” argument Humbert Humbert made on Lolita? Or was it “Jew”?!

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May 21, 2008 at 3:19 am 4 comments


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