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I will miss you.

August 21, 2012 at 7:24 am 48 comments

Guess who’s tweeting now

Yeap, finally you and Prime Minister Meles Zenawi can be on the same page. On twitter! His last “tweet” was about 22 hrs ago. It read,

Ethiopians home and abroad get involved in the upcoming election of 2010 Our party will emerge victorious once the people hear our solutions

Well?! You are Ethiopian! You are @ home or abroad! Tweeting don’t cost a thing! So how about joining and following his text-based posts right n.o.w?! After all, Meles being a twit isn’t a news to any of us. Even those who admire his wit & adore his cueball, like the undersigned, would admit twitting has been what he went out of his way to do for the last 18 years. These ones just happen to be 140 characters long.


May 14, 2009 at 6:59 pm 5 comments

The many names of P.M. Meles Zenawi

Here is what the description of a group I created on facebook reads:

Dedicated to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who is undoubtedly the most controversial Premier the country ever had.

He’s bald and stocky, with a kind of goatee that makes no mystery where the idea for his animal cartoon representations came from. He’s been called names, had white-house-front-door protests, and an award (or two) for his name. Some see him as a genius in the wrong profession. To others, he is a smooth-talking dictator who turns on the charm when he thinks it would serve him some [evil] purpose :-). One thing is certain! He is an individual, and has managed to remain an individual, in a country where such notions are frowned upon.. sometimes.. to the pain of death!! For that reason, atleast, I raise my glasses to him! Long Live, your premiership! People like you are in short supply!
(pun intended :-))

If, on the other hand, his Premiership asked google, like Jesus did his disciples, “who do the people say that I am” he’d come up with the following results in just 21 pages:

“Meles Graziani”

“Neo-Nazi Abyssinian dictator”

“a complete thug”

“hated dictator”

“the 15th Worst Dictator in the World”

“A Terrorist”

“the dictator (Ethiopian prime minister)”

“a very insecure man”

“a terrorist .. also leads the terrorist mercenary regime”

“Implacable, Vindictive and Malicious: the criminal Abyssinian dictator”

“a psychotic neo-. fascist who replicated Haile Mariam’s brutality”

and on the *other* hand…

“a versatile fellow”

“People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) chairman”

“head of government for Ethiopia”


“Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia”

“one of Africa’s young leaders and senior statesmen”

“our beloved Chairman”

March 17, 2008 at 7:24 am 2 comments


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