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Thus spake the bride

Seifu Fantahun & his colleague were discussing “The Wedding of the Millennium” yesterday afternoon. I.E. between Athletes Chief-Superintendent Tirunesh Dibaba & Major Officer Sileshi Sehin last Saturday (26th October 2008). One of the comments that kept coming up, they said, was on how the Bride’s make up with a bit of a pile up. “Her skin was dry,” fans seem to have complained, “I personally prefered her looking sweaty and natural”.

By the way, have you noticed how most brides don’t look as pretty as their normal “good hair day” on their wedding? I myself have been told I looked good for someone who despises “yeSerG Qemis”. But i’ve never used any make up or even had my eye brow lined before that day. A certain change for the better is, therefore, to be expected. What’s more, I have drawn the line with the “Feshagn” lady as to how i want my hair to look (the way I’ve always liked it) so to do it ifyouplease. However, many a bride doesn’t seem to dare do that and ends up looking like a stuffed doll version of herself. The irony of the matter is, a bride-to-be is afraid to say “no” or to demand for less, because she’s afraid she’d ruin her big day. She wants to look her best, the “feshagn” lady is supposed to know the best, she’s Ethiopian (so entirely dependent on other’s good will for her suvival). Still, we don’t have to sit infront of the tv screen with “Sunday, Monday, Happy Day” for a background to know when we are looking our best, and when we aren’t. Mushrit, the mirror, have you met? BTW, the same thing seems to happen to people who get caught on a candid camera of some sort. One minute they are “sweaty and natural”, the next minute they are giving interviews to Jamie Kennedy and they look all made up and bloated.

Anywho, after hearing Tirunesh had too much make up on her face on (like I said) Seifu & Co.’s FM whateverytheycalledit, I decided to check out her website and see for myself. See how the “other half” marries, so to say. The half that wants to make it open, instead of private. And worries who it should invite, instead of who not to leave out. One thing lead to another and, before I know it, I was in Tirunesh’s Journal (which she writes “fortnightly .. on her life, on the track, and on her activities”) reading an all too official love letter that gives the impression of being meant for the public instead of my favorite “Ruwach” and her Groom-to-be Seleshi (who she “laid eyes on” at the legal age of 18 and been dating for the last 5 years). It’s entitled Sileshi My Love (proving what I’ve always said about titles – it ain’t easy to make them work. And talents: we should all stick to what we do best πŸ˜‰ ). I wish Tirunesh and Seleshi “YeAbraham YeSara Gabicha”. Or, if and when possible, an even better one. Enjoy your read!

The Wedding Bash

October 29, 2008 at 9:00 am 3 comments


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