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“ሳቤላ” ( Sabela ) በሚስዝ ሔንሪ ውድ

I have decided to give the reading [criticizing/hard-to-please] public one more finger by e-publishing the sequel to my semi-biography “If I could only draw, and knew how to paint” that sells at for $1.99 [and thank you again, the four of you, for reading, finishing, and not asking for a refund].

“The Ethiopian”
picks up where the first story left off. It is a less edited, less semi-biographical, and more Ethiopian version of/than its predecessor. Those who do not mind the occassional grammatical error, and are willing to over-look the bizarre use of tenses, would find stuff to their liking. And, dare I say, a little of themselves – or what they left behind – in it.

For those of you who would want to know why I keep churning out ‘books’ nobody seems interested in reading, I do it because life is short [and can be made even shorter by all the psychopaths running around with guns in America]. And [because] I feel somebody has to say what I have to say even if the saying could use a bit of refinement.

All ye suckers who end up on this page while in the pursuit of Mrs. Henry wood’s “Sabela”, or the Ethiopian movie of the same name which seems to be all the rage – judging from all those fools re-routed to my blog, here is how that post run:


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