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Expressions I hate from the Radio

  • Double Down
  • In real time
  • Ramp up/step-up/rachet-up
  • Pack heat
  • Brexit and Clopen [Close open]
  • Unpack [it for us]
  • [His/Her] full-on
  • Robust [for sounds/images]
  • Buzz word
  • Outlier
  • In this point and time
  • Any given time
  • Get your [something] on
  • Took her to task
  • [Something] on steroids
  • Tink-tank
  • Not all.. are created equal
  • Struck out
  • Crunch the numbers
  • Track record
  • Stocked about
  • Boning up on
  • Break-out role
  • Geek out
  • Call [someone] out
  • Rhetoric
  • Front and Center
  • Media darlings
  • “Check” [This and that thing]
  • Bust out
  • Epic center

and last, but not least, “A phrase I never thought I would say”


[News] Hheadliners I don’t give a shit about

  • The threat of Zika to pregnant women
  • People made homeless due to their drug addiction
  • Death resulting from over-dozing from Heroin
  • Teenage girls’ inability to achieve orgasm
  • Pandas
  • India’s pollution
  • Shortage of clean-drinking water in India
  • China’s smog blankets
  • Japan’s rapidly aging society
  • Chinese culture. Chinese people. Chinese food
  • People who die from various natural disasters in India/Pakistan/Nepal
  • Saudi women’s inability to drive
  • Economic migrants dying en-route to Europe
  • Guantanamo prisoners
  • Gays in Muslim Countries
  • Gays in African countries
  • Gay men refused a wedding cake by a “conservative” baker
  • Transsexuals who are not allowed to use the restroom according to the gender they identify with
  • People who get harassed by the Moral Police in Iran
  • Kids who come out as “transsexual” at age 4
  • Parents who complain they can’t live on minimum-wage while expecting their 5th kid
  • Single mothers who dress and behave like their teenage girls ending up being killed by a psycho they met online
  • Black [men’s] lives in general, and African-American men’s lives in particular
  • Criminals given harsher sentences than what their crime merited
  • Old white men
  • Angry old white men
  • White mothers who get shot by their sons using the gun they gave him as a birthday present
  • International students who died on Aurora bridge after their bus collided with a Ride-the-duck vehicle
  • The international student who got killed by a fire truck after surviving a plane crush
  • Anything that happens to international students
  • The millions spent by Tech-workers in pursuit of green cards
  • Black gays and Black Republicans
  • Latino gays and Latino Republicans
  • Black and Latino gay Republicans
  • Bernie Sanders’ supporters and their [marginalized] woes
  • Anybody who thinks the system is “stacked against” them
  • Millennials
  • Kenneth Bay and Asian Evangelists being prosecuted for their faith
  • Julian Assange and Snowden
  • The stuff Bowe Bergdahl was going through before abandoning his post
  • Al-Jazeera reporters in Egyptian prisons
  • Malala Yusuf
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • Victims of revenge porn
  • And last, but not least, the face of black America, as represented here below by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

May 18, 2016 at 5:31 pm 3 comments

“8 die in Texas bus crush”

Will you
Celebrate me
If I were to die
From a random bullet
Or a car
Whose owner was driving high
[Or drunk, or looking at his phone]?!
Will you say “She went to school
She worked two jobs
Paid her taxes
– e.v.e.r.y last dime”
Or would you thank-God they caught the guy
Before there was – a number nine?!

May 16, 2016 at 7:53 pm 1 comment

Year VI: Ar’ba [The painful truth]

In the words of my [younger] alter-ego:

But there were things I have neglected saying these past year and a half. Things that went to sleep with me and got out of bed in the morning with me. Things that I read in the air every time I stood naked in front of my mirror. Fears I gotta face every time I pulled my lips down to examine my teeth whose gums seem to be receding a tiny bit further from too much twig brushing with a mix of salt and charcoal when young. Bags that show up under my eyes every morning I slept badly, making me – in the word of Garett – ‘look tired’; which Donna said was another way of saying ‘you look like shit’. That I was fast approaching that fateful number 35; where I will transition from one age group [young, 18-34] to another [Middle-age, 35-death]. An age-group I would become the target audience of age-defying skin-care creams, under-eye firming serums and AARP junk-mails. Where my doctor would use words like “women in your age group” before she suggests that I start thinking of mammograms, yearly examinations and my 401K plans. That these were the few precious years before I hit menopause where my skin is still tight, my breasts still perky and my sexuality supposedly reaches its highest peak. An age where I can at least freeze my eggs, even if no one would take them if I donated them [29 is the cutting point] and where a guy should “shit or get off the pot” while I still have a chance.

In the words of someone much more talented:

October 20, 2015 at 6:22 am 8 comments

Adam Retta – a Comedian or just a really awful writer?

You be the judge!

The following “improvement” upon, “retelling” of or “adjustment” to the ending of “FiQir Eske MeQabir” [“bAleGe min yilugnin ayawQim” endil metsihaffu] is taken from Page 29-37 of his latest book, “MereQ” – published by Rohobot Asatamiwoch and costing a whopping 120 Birr. Sorry for the poor quality of the pages. I started “meGelBeting” it, using an old Geez Keyboard Amharic software that I still have on a Toshiba laptop that is almost a decade old; then felt so sick by how bad the writing is that I settled for an Android phone copy of it.

Misgana goes to the wonderful Leul – who gave me his very own signed-copy to read on the plane before expressions like “Sit’TaFit… abet sit’TaFit” gave me feelings akin to being water boarded with bad Ama-Englizegna that I went back to re-watching “Nightcrawler” and deriving pleasure from its authentic .. absolutely breath-taking .. creepiness [Love you Jake, me love you long time]. I did make it to Page 56, however; which is more than I can say for his previous work – one “Giracha Qachiloch” which didn’t even have a decent “meDiba” [someone who is neither a “medina” nor a “balager” lij] narrator excuse for it’s vomitous inductus qualitus [Pig-Latin for “vomit-inducing quality”].

As usual, click on each image for a better view of it. And enjoy.

2120707a (more…)

March 29, 2015 at 8:42 pm 5 comments

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