Virgins Always Bleed -Lemlem Tilahun

A semi-biography of a nostalgic someone living far from home. A memoir of sorts to those who lived these pages, who cherish them, and wonder why no one has ever come close to writing something like this. The book is written by an English as a second language speaker who thinks people like her should be allowed to tell their story [too] using the language and grammar – tone/viewpoint – that comes naturally to them. The writer has a problem with a world that requires her writing to be as fluent and palatable as those born into an English-language speaking family and could go to Oxford and Cambridge for their education. She sees it as a form of discrimination, as a way to silence the non-English speaking world from speaking [in English], while Western writers are allowed to tell her story in a way that makes her shake her head in disappointment [Dave Eggers’ “What is the What” comes to mind]. And finally, she hopes this “work” does the little it can to change that culture.

ሆድ ሲብሰኝ…

እግዜር የለም
እናት ዓለም
“እግዜር አለ” አትበይኝ
ተሞኝተሽ አታሞኝኝ
እግዜር ካለ-
የዱለኞች ጠበቃ ነው
የክፉ ሰው አቡካቶ
ፊቱን መላሽ
ባመፅ ፈራጅ
ደሃ ሲበደል አይቶ
ላለው ወዳጅ
ጉልበት,  ገንዘብ,
ብሔር,  ቀለም,
እግዜር ካለ
[ፍቺኝ እማ]
ከከሳሹ ጎን ልጠራ
ከጠሉት ወገን ልመደብ!

“ነፍጠኛው” ፈረንጅ and those who love him :)

The most beloved, the most cared-for, the most thought of and prayed over ፈረንጅ of the ሀበሻ Facebook World of the last few days. And why? Because a bunch of Oromo kids beat the crap out of him over something, I am almost sure, he had coming [why else is he sitting, unmasked, next to an Ethiopian girl waving our flag?!].

“ወደው አይስቁ” አለች ወርቄ!

ድሮ ድሮ በጥቁርና በነጭ መካከል በሚነሳ ጠብ ሁሉ, all of us, ግር ብለን ያገራችንን/የወገናችንን/የቀለማችንን ሰው ለመደገፍ ነበር የምንቸኩለዉ [Remember the story of the Kenyan who received a ጥፊ from the እንግሊዝ?!]. Not so much nowadays. “All Oromo things bad, all non-Oromo things good”, seems to be the thinking behind the Facebook-ድጋፍ-ሰልፍ/መቆርቆር/መንገብገብ on here whitey’s behalf. It is both comforting and disconcerting to notice how our loyalties have remained pretty much the same despite the changing demography of our tribality [or is it vice versa? እግዜር ይወቀው]. የጠላቴ ጠላት, it appears, is still ወዳጄ ነው. Whether እውነትን ተገን አረገ አላረገ, whether he or she was guilty or innocent of the deed, even if we did not understand why and on whose behalf [and against whom] the athlete crossed his arms at the finishing line. And despite, I might add, the voice of reason from some of us pleading “አረ ረጋ እንበል ወገን, ጎራ ለመምረጥ አንጣደፍ, የጅብ ችኩል ቀንድ ይነክሳል, etc! One can’t help but observe how we may have come a long way from our የቀይ ሽብር days. But our ways, our thinking, our reasoning, has not travelled far. ያሳዝናል. ብሎም ያሳፍራል [እንዲል የዛ ዘመን ካድሬ] 🙂

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