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May 8, 2009 at 6:06 pm 5 comments

I watched this video on Police Program a few days before I came here. Inspite of the hustle of last minute details of: Bett MasreKebing, NiBret MaKefafeling, document authenticating and keeping lunch dates with colleagues and families alike, the story haunted my thought. I kept trying to imagine how dumb you must be to credit an Adobe-photo-shopped-picture of a guy flying in the sky as legit. I thought of the celebrities who wrote songs in reverence to his name and the officials who bowed before him. The husbands whose wives were raped and the young men who lost their job, their credibility, their sanity – right down to their boots in his service. And those that died. “You gotta give the bible a credit”, I thought over and over, “if for nothing else, for it’s proper diagnosis. The love of money is indeed the root of all evils”.

The song, suitably entitled “EyanGwalele”, however, I found hard to explain away. It kept me awake at night — to the point of fearing there may be some truth in this guy’s ability to read minds. I stared imagining a presence in my room, having that creeping feeling of being watched, the hair on my neck stood on end. Wild imagination and a vulnerability to phobia aside, you must admit there is something disturbing about the song. Something sickly fascinating. Something definitely unholy.

I neither had free internet access, nor the time to sit and blog about it. So I told my devout protestant friend Muluken Mamo, I said to him “you guys are gonne write about this and when that article comes out, make sure you sent it to me”. He promised he will. This morning, he was able to keep his promise. So herebelow is EnQu magazine’s article about Tamrat Geleta.

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I say, more power to them! Guess who’s tweeting now

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  • 1. Mazzi  |  May 9, 2009 at 3:04 pm


    The first time I stumbled on this scandalous story and video while searching Ethiopian related stuff online some time back, I was not sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. My first instinct was…”How dumb can people really be to fall for con artists like this?!” Then I felt judgmental for feeling that way. Later on, I actually felt sorry for all the people who were affected by this man, some who even ended up being raped or losing their lives in addition to signing their personal wealth to this man and his collaborators.

    It is not even about these conned people being ignorant or uneducated, as stories like this are actually very common even in this country be it by cult leaders who convince their both ignorant and educated followers to do the unthinkable (Jones Town mass murder/suicide in Guyana by Americans who followed some mad man there to his idea of heaven anyone?). Very charismatic evangelical preachers on TV who claim to have private audience with God and ‘possess’ some healing power and then clean their naïve congregation out of their life’s savings over bogus investments are not to be underestimated either. It is about what motivates people to follow such people?

    My little theory as to why such things happen is this…… It takes a lot of courage and mental giga byte to think for oneself, be responsible for one’s actions, and face whatever consequences eko. What a seductive idea to think we can transfer our free will and thought process to someone who claims to be ‘wiser’ (awaqi) than us, has our best interest at that (ya right!), and someone with special powers to boot. Then after that, all we have to do is follow strict orders how to live our lives, and praise who ever we gave our powers to when things look on the up and up, and blame “him” (why is it usually a ‘he’?!) when things go wrong.

    Human beings’ innate need to want to believe in something/someone outside of ourselves can make some in fragile emotional, physical, and mental state so susceptible to such deceit. And the fact that this guy may have been endorsed and praised by some already established musicians/artists/business people may have made the situation worse for the more vulnerable followers. And fear of the unknown is a terrible thing as well judging by how some may still fear this guy and his supposed special powers even while he is incarcerated!

    I am not familiar with the song “EyanGwalele” you mentioned Abesheet. Which one is that? Just curious.

    Thanks for sharing the article. It was both sad and entertaining from the aspect of how this guy could go unnoticed by the authorities for however long he did!

  • 2. Girum  |  May 12, 2009 at 12:01 am

    Thanks for the post, Abesheet. EyanGwalele is a funny song, smelling something strange. Anyhow, Tame Gulilat has disclosed a msg that he is now in jail to free Ethiopian prisoners.
    I have one Q. tho, is Alebe (the Azmari on the video) the ex- husband of ManAlbosh?

  • 3. abesheet  |  May 12, 2009 at 3:07 am

    I don’t really know, Girume. But I’ll try to find out.

    Nice to see you again, darling!

  • 4. poul1000  |  December 31, 2009 at 2:54 am

    My brothers and sisters how can I get the inside of the Enqu Megazin. I heared about the scam artist Tamrat Geleta recently and I want to read more. can you post more news_

  • 5. mekonen  |  October 16, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    thank you for this riter we gain lot of knowledge……………

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